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green_meeting+places.png Donor Lounge

View across the main floor

Owner bastetfurry
Contributors SlowRiot, runechan, ToneDial and chivalrousWeasel
Category Meeting Places
Underground? Yes
Public? No
Size north to south 60m
Size west to east 60m
Height 30m
Coordinates X=-75
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The Donor Lounge is where people who have donated to the MinecraftOnline server or who have bought a kit with tokens can go for parties and special events that only involve donors, people with kits, moderators and admins.

Donors may teleport here by using the command /warp donorlounge or to the new and improved /warp newdonorlounge.

Moderators may also visit the Donor Lounge, although to date, only 2 acts of grief have been reported.


  • The Trash Bin - Donors are encouraged to leave unwanted items in the box. Sometimes even diamond items can be found, left by generous donors.
  • The Redstone Torch Wall - Where you can turn the redstone torch lights off and on to make a pattern for everyone to see.
  • Furnaces and Crafting Tables - Where donors can smelt materials and make items in safety.
  • Library - With readable bookshelves using craftbook.
  • Creeper's Face - A creeper face that is embedded on the top-most back wall made out of glowstone and glass.
  • JukeBox - Where a donor can check out what records are available.
  • Food Chest - Where a donor can sometimes get a free snack if they are low on health.
  • Sitting Lounge - Where a donor may put their feet up and talk about events happening within the next few weeks.
  • Fishtank - Often home to squids, this also makes for some dangerous swimming.

Future Extensions

There has been discussion of expanding the Donor Lounge with additional library space. As of November 3rd 2011, Zfleming1 will be bringing about a big surprise for all donors! Stay tuned for more info to come!