Project Glacier

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green_infrastructure.png Project Glacier

Spawn Junction

Owner Freedonia Road Co.
Contributors snakyman, KingServal, Jossps, JSodil, BillionPenny483, vauxhallmadman, verydairyman, Paladin_Heihachi, hjk321, Eclypto18, ReverseDmitry, TheDemetri, eey, Floathead23, TheGolum
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Public use
Started October 2019
Coordinates X=-236
Dimension Overworld
Map link

A new infrastructure project made by Freedonia Road Co. that will be faster than the rails or walking. It is made of ice, and is navigated on boats. You can travel 30-40 m/s.

What to do if there is a boat in the road blocking the way

Destroy it or switch to that boat. DO NOT DISMOUNT WHEN NOT AT STATION (you may fall and die)

The Branches

Branch entrances are color coded according to the nexus colors for each direction. You can access the main junction from spawn.





Make Your Own Branch

If you would like to make your own branch, contact one of the presidents of FRC (ideally snakyman), and let them know. The standard form for roads is as follows:

  • 4 block wide road (two rows of stone slabs 2 blocks apart, and in the middle below that is one row of ice and one row of air)
  • Standard height: When standing on the ice, you will be at y=138. This was chosen to be able to go above most tall structures and not interfere with anything in spawn. It also means that players who cannot build over y=128 can not grief it (or add onto it).

The Team