Takadokia Lole Station

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green_infrastructure.png Takadokia Lole Station

A view of the station.

Owner getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33
getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip
getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_
getplayerhead.sh?LordOfTheShadows&16.png LordOfTheShadows
getplayerhead.sh?Crimson_Aught&16.png Crimson_Aught
Category Infrastructure
Public? Yes
Started 10 May 2020
Completed 26 February 2023 (railway)
Coordinates X=-4544
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Takadokia
Map Link

Takadokia Lole Station (also Lole Station, shortened as TLS) is an FRS station located in Takadokia, built to partake in the Freedonia Best Railway Station Competition. It is possibly one of the biggest stations in Freedonia by size, having multiple parts that all have an attraction to offer. It is mainly designed off of the Istanbul Airport.

As of 26 February 2023, the station's railway is operational, with the closest station being Acacia Road International.


The station's name comes from the name of user getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL, co-founder of the Midlake Islands (which would become Takadokia) in September of 2019. getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic credits him with helping him with his first week on McO, founding the Midlake Islands and putting his city on the map. Because of these factors, HY decided to name his railway station after his old buddy.


Main Terminal

The main terminal of the station is the location of the FRS services. It is the first part of the station to have been built. It contains six spaces along with the rails, containing: a cafe, a Turkish bath (hamam), a prayer room, painting gallery, a tourism centre, swimming pool, a treadmill gym and a bed room. There's also a garden with seats and 2 fountains; a lava and water one. This is also where people coming via the road will land.

It was the first part of the station built, and it was supposed to be the only part of the station until he looked at other stations that participated in the station and he realized he had to step up with his game.

This is the part that getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33 helped draft.


The mall is the biggest part of the station. It was built after HY realized he had to step up his game. He got design cues from the Istanbul Airport. It branches off to 3 other different parts.

Currently, the only restaurant is Kentucky Fried Catnip, which is the second branch of KFC in Freedonia (both HY and getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip joke about calling the second branch "Kondensed Fried Catnip" due to its small size).

Boat Parking Lot

The Boat Parking Lot is, well, TLS' parking lot. It has 6 parking spaces for boats and it is connected to the TLS Mall.

Entertainment Centres

The Entertainment Centres are a set of 3 small buildings with a few kinds of entertainment. There's a library, a small theatre and a big game of checkers.

The checkers game has redstone torches and flower pots instead of red and white checkers pieces, and a checker becomes a normal torch/flower pit with a flower in it depending on what side you're playing on.

The library is a quiet place to sit down and do stuff. It will have an entire wool of book shelves, but HY is missing books required for it.

The theatre is 8 seats and a glowstone screen with paintings on it to give the illusion of watching a movie.

This is the part that getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_ helped make, he helped with the checkers game.

Statue Lane

The Statue Lane is the part that took longest to build, with 4 statues of (some of) the greatest minds in Freedonia; getplayerhead.sh?DarthSagit&16.png DarthSagit, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95, getplayerhead.sh?Eclypto18&16.png Eclypto18 and getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip. The statues are mostly cobble and normal stone, but sometimes different colors of wool are used to differantiate some featured. There are signs saying the names of the people who got their statue built.

This is the part that getplayerhead.sh?LordOfTheShadows&16.png LordOfTheShadows helped with.