Tedster Island Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Tedster Island Station
Tedster Island Station (Inside).png

View on the Western and Eastern Line (FRS)

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246
Station Code /st XTNo.1246
Underground? Partially
Coordinates X=-10643
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Tedster Island
Map Link

Tedster Island Station is an railway station located both on the FRS Obernai Line and the Tedster Rail System on the Tedster Island

Station structure

The station building in not finished yet, but the main hub is open, this hub contain 4 tubes of 2 tracks, each tube go an different cardinal point (East, North, West, South...). For now, only the eastern tube (tube for the FRS line) is opened and functionnal, other ones are lines of the Tedster Rail System who run between getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246's lands


List of services available at Tedster Island Station:

Next Station from Tedster Island
FRS Obernai Line (East Tube)
To: Obernai Next (South): Obernai Central Station Tedster Island Station Next (North): FRS North-West Hub To: NorthNoob Island
Next (East): Remote Outpost Station To: Townbuildthing
Tedster Rail System
All lines are under constructions