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Tempdonia is a world MinecraftOnline switches to when the main world, Freedonia, is under maintenance.

Historically, Tempdonia has been used multiple times to ease lag and server impacts to Freedonia and the software, instead of dropping the server as a whole. Reasons of maintenance include database fixes, server plugin changes, or patching critical errors.

Each time Tempdonia is online, different worlds are created and used, commonly on the most recent or stable version of vanilla Minecraft, with minimal amount of plugins activated. Some of Tempdonia worlds are released to the public after Tempdonia ends. Tempdonia is 100% not a maintenance for version update.

Tempdonia has no rules like in Freedonia. However, obstructing players from playing in the server can cause a ban by admin discretion. Bans in Tempdonia are not shared with bans in Freedonia. In Tempdonia, players can freely use cheat clients that Freedonia never allows, and fly around without the risk of getting banned. The world border is smaller than the usual world, and chats may not relay through in-game and media.

Moderators do not have their abilities provided by the server in Tempdonia unless allowed to. PvP is disabled by the server after it was considered excessive on Holidonia. Due to such facts, many regulars refrain from accessing MinecraftOnline while Tempdonia is live. Tempdonia may reset without notice, and MinecraftOnline do not guarantee 24/7 service availability. In addition, rules of Tempdonia are subject to change. Please check MinecraftOnline Discord server channel #announcements for more information.

The fun in Tempdonia

As there are generally no rules in these type of worlds, players are able to do almost anything: from very fun and peaceful activities to mad and destructive attacks. Players have made secondary towns or cities that exist in Freedonia, compete in leaderboard races held by an admin, and more. Participating in Tempdonia events may give you bonus items in Freedonia after the Tempdonia ends.


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