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User NightSteak9
Known as Night, NightSteak
Gender Unknown
Location Outside your window
Nationality American
DOB 2003-10-21st
Occupation Museum Collector
In Freedonia
First joined 25th of October 2020
Donor level * Donor
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NightSteak9 joined MCO on October 25, 2020. After being unable to find resources, Brostrod offered him basic supplies if he joined Finland, a recently created village. Night served on the Finland leadership board until its eventual collapse a few months later. After two years of living in Newport, NightSteak9 found his home in Gran Syre.


NightSteak9 dedicates all of his time on the server towards collecting rare and unusual items for his museum, NightSteak9's Odds and Ends. As of 2022, Odds and Ends is one of the largest museums in MCO.