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User FishRei


Known as Rei
Gender Femboy
Location Georgia, USA
Nationality Americana
DOB 2006-03-22
Occupation Local Anime Lover
In Freedonia
First joined February 2, 2020
First building Wasp & Co. Bread Bakery
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level *** Iron
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Hello. I am FishRei.

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice. It's not available. At the tone, please record your message. When your finished recording, you may hang up or press 1 for more options.

A Note

All good things must come to an end, and so is my stay on MCO. My mental health is a higher priority than staying a small server. I'll see you all on the flip side. Thanks for the amazing memories here.

Out of Server Updates

I miss my childhood, I want to be forever young.

Out of Server stuff

Hi, I am FishRei. I am a dumbass. I am most well known in vc for using a Dell Big Chungus Deluxe Keyboard (Aka THICCBOARD) (also retired that keyboard).

His Departure from MCO

DISCLAIMER: This is being written by JimyHendricks on behalf of bucketsofwasps and some things written here will be paraphrased for the sake of concision. Wasp has stated that MCO has been weighing down on his mental health and he is stepping back to try restore it. His official statement in the Rimini Discord: "After a bit of thinking, I have made the decision to leave MCO. Full leadership of the project has been transferred to Robot. I am going to make the exception that I am gonna stay here to give advice. With that out of the way, I can only say Today was a Good Day. Thanks for the amazing memories. You guys made my year."

DISCLAIMER (again): This is being written by wasps, I have returned for one last shot at MCO.

Weird Messages

This was from when I first joined:

 < bucketsofwasps> obama
 < 1Catnip> obama
 < bucketsofwasps> Alright


Project NIKE


• Helping others
• Building
• Exploring
• Neon Genesis Evangelion
• 80's Music
• Metal Gear Solid
• Informing the public
• You <3
• The Server
• Aesthetic/Wholesome Stuff
• Anime
• Bananas
• The color purple
• Fallout: New Vegas


• Mean People :(
• People who talk about me when I had Pneumonia (I get strong Depression from that)
• People who want to make me/others feel bad about myself/others
• Racist People
• People who joke about me having Cystic Fibrosis and say shit like "Your lungs should collapse, BITCH" because I hate people fucking saying that. It makes me want to fucking cry.


I have built these builds

Fort Chuwu (helped build the first 3 floors)
Baker's Edge (built)
Wasp & Co. Bread Bakery (built) AbusiveLime's Place (helped out)
North Of Nowhere (helped tore down the old farm with muldore)
Catini Catra (helped on a house)
MCO GeoFront Project EastDakota's Knockoff Malls (helped tear down a fat spruce circle)
Wasp & Co. (built)
Americaville (helped out)
Gardmuur (helped out)
• Talpidae City (helped out and owned)
Rimini (Worked a fuck ton with League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements)
USS Missouri (Built, still in progress as of writing)
• Shady Belle (working on)
Kennesaw (working on)



I am a member of these groups

Wasp & Co.
1Catnip Justice League
The Crusaders
Republic of Baker's Edge
Caveman Gang
United Federation of Freedonia
League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements
United Texas Coalition


I am a friend of these people: EastDakota/ CluckShroom 1Catnip Unkle_Genny helpimdeadinside verydairyman muldore winx51 Raflamar Leah_Starcraft jriver_15 Aziroeth AlTheChan _Plague_Rat_


I am a enemy of these people: 2b2tisFull (Banned)

Home Locations

I have homes at these locations:

Americaville: Chowder Man Bunker
Catini Catra: Hipster Hills
New Eden: CornerTop
Mount Yashima
Baker's Edge
• Talpidae City: 5th Level

You can visit me anytime at any of these locations! (If I am there)