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User bucketsofwasps


Known as wasps
Gender Femboy
Location Georgia, USA
Nationality Americana
DOB 2006-03-22
Occupation Local Anime Lover
In Freedonia
First joined February 2, 2020
First building Wasp & Co. Bread Bakery
Donor level * Donated
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Hello. I am bucketsofwasps.

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice. It's not available. At the tone, please record your message. When your finished recording, you may hang up or press 1 for more options.

Out of Server Updates

I miss my childhood, I want to be forever young.

Out of Server stuff

Hi, I am bucketsofwasps. I am a dumbass. I am most well known in vc for using a Dell Big Chungus Deluxe Keyboard (Aka THICCBOARD) (also retired that keyboard).

In-game History

On February 2, 2020, I first joined the server. The first person I interacted with on the server was 1Catnip and this was when I used my Obama Face skin, so all we kinda said was "Obama" (See message of Obama below). After using /wilderness, he didn't know what to build, so I watched some memes, one revolving around a bread bakery. And so I began building the Wasp & Co. Bread Bakery. During the construction, I met a user named plabo_. He became a associate, along with Catnip. Plabo hasn’t been on the server since the April Fools Raid. I began to expand the bread bakery by building a pavilion/boardwalk. When I reached 20 hours, I then asked Void42_ if I could join New Eden, and I got a apartment in CornerTop. I then took a massive break from MCO and came back a bit after my birthday, that was when I met helpimdeadinside. I told her of my place and she came over. I then asked Unkle_Genny if I could connect the nearest Highway to the shop. During the path's construction, helpimdeadinside had the idea to turn the entire place into a town. I then founded Baker's Edge. A few weeks after April Fools 2020 and The FitMC Invasion 2: Electric Boogaloo, I met a person named Jolamar. Jolamar told me he was building a massive city, Gardmuur, so I then visited and asked if I could help him, in which Jolamar agreed. I began building on his wall. During that time, I began working on a big project. The project is to make a GeoFront from Evangelion. I don't remember much after this point on so I will say stuff relevant to the past few months starting at May, then June, then to now. So in May, I think it was the last time me and Jolamar got in contact, and that was when work on Gardmuur eventually came to a big hiatus and the last time someone who was working on it, I believe it was me, was in May. June roles around and not much happened besides me being gone for nearly 3 weeks besides Leah_Starcraft and Beeraeka joining Baker's Edge. In July was when shit got real for me, Beeraeka was invited (by me) to the Baker's Edge Discord Server, and that was when we discussed the joining. Me and beer agreed to let Baker's Edge join as a autonomous state, and on July 4, the shit happened, it kinda changed my view on running the town. Then shit got a lot more worse for me in July, dead became a Moderator and I was jealous and scared to FUCK when it happened. On the 6th of July, a small beef happened between me and Leah over a video that is too “weird” to explain, and the beef was settled over a PvP match that I lost. Fast forward to August, I attended the 10th anniversary. It was fun. On the 25th I began the GLOCK Weaponry Co., which by the name, we produce and sell weapons. Fast forward to October, Spawn becomes spoopy and Jolamar returns. Jolamar’s return ends the big hiatus at Gardmuur. On the day before Halloween, Bedrocco became dead. Beer had left the night of October 30th. On the day of Halloween, I left Bedrocco forever, along with Catnip and maybe a few others. On that same night, the I.R.O.G was born by both me and AlTheChan. Fast forward to November, nothing literally happened. Fast forward to December, I became a donor on the 6th. After this, on New Years, I kinda did literally nothing, also Happy New Year, I hope 2021 can be great. Fast forward to January 2021, literally nothing happened. Fast forward to February 2021, I celebrated my 1 Year Anniversary on the server, and with that came a new project for my 1 Year Anniversary. The project is a texture pack where everything is Obama, cleverly named, ObamaCraft. Fast forward to March 2021, I celebrated my birthday on the server. Some people like Selimbits gave me some gifts (Also sel, if your reading this, thank you). I also began working on a new project, "Project Kokomo." The plan is to make it a series of islands, also known as the Kokomo Isles. It will serve as a town. Fast forward to April 2021, I fought against EndLordFlippeh for the Endsurrection. I got killed by Palindrome and lost all of my stuff.

Weird Messages

This was from when I first joined:

 < bucketsofwasps> obama
 < 1Catnip> obama
 < bucketsofwasps> Alright


• Make a Nuclear Missile Silo
• Finish GLOCK Weaponry Co. HQ


• Helping others
• Building
• Exploring
• Neon Genesis Evangelion
• 80's Music
• Metal Gear Solid
• Informing the public
• You <3
• The Server
• Aesthetic/Wholesome Stuff
• Anime
• Bananas
• The color purple
• Fallout: New Vegas


• Mean People :(
• People who talk about me when I had Pneumonia (I get strong Depression from that)
• People who want to make me/others feel bad about myself/others
• Racist People
• People who joke about me having Cystic Fibrosis and say shit like "Your lungs should collapse, BITCH" because I hate people fucking saying that. It makes me want to fucking cry.


I have built these builds

Fort Chuwu (helped build the first 3 floors)
Baker's Edge (built)
Wasp & Co. Bread Bakery (built) AbusiveLime's Place (helped out)
North Of Nowhere (helped tore down the old farm with muldore)
Catini Catra (helped on a house)
MCO GeoFront Project EastDakota's Knockoff Malls (helped tear down a fat spruce circle)
GLOCK Weaponry Co. HQ (built)
Americaville (helped out)
Gardmuur (helped out)


I am a member of these groups

Wasp & Co.
1Catnip Justice League
The Crusaders
Republic of Baker's Edge
Caveman Gang
GLOCK Weaponry Co.
United Federation of Freedonia


I am a friend of these people: EastDakota/ CluckShroom 1Catnip Unkle_Genny helpimdeadinside verydairyman muldore winx51 Raflamar Leah_Starcraft jriver_15 Aziroeth AlTheChan


I am a enemy of these people:


Home Locations

I have homes at these locations:

Americaville: Chowder Man Bunker
Catini Catra: Hipster Hills
New Eden: CornerTop
Mount Yashima
Baker's Edge
• Talpidae City: 5th Level

You can visit me anytime at any of these locations! (If I am there)