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User RobotReaction

Retro Robot

Known as Robot/Joel
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality English
DOB 2006-08-27
Occupation Mayor of Charlietown, IRL a student
In Freedonia
First joined 30 July 2020
First building Robot Island
Staff member Moderator
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Who is RobotReaction?

RobotReaction is an McO player and is currently mayor of Charlietown. He is normally free (when online) to help others in need.

He can often be found working on Charlietown, a town run by himself and SenatorApple. He and Apple have been mayor for almost a year!

He also spends time running his stall at the One Diamond Plaza named RoboCo Farming Supplies Store. RoboCo is the business RobotReaction runs; currently dormant but who knows what he could be selling soon?


Working on Charlietown and mildly hinting to new players that they could go there?

Cracking obscure jokes on the in game chat that nobody understands

Trading with people for diamonds (because he is poor)

Thinking he is good at building (when he isn’t)

Coming across artefacts, not that he’s found any


Griefers (who doesn’t?)

People being annoying

RobotReaction's Story

30th July 2020

Robot's MCO life began after watching a FitMC video that mentioned how the server had such a small active population in comparison to other servers(2b2t). After some further research, he decided to join the server and see this anomaly of a server himself.

He began, oddly enough, in the spawn pool and does not know to this day why he didn't spawn in the Rules Hall like most new players. He spent many hours wondering around spawn, being blown away by the scale and creativity of the builds. Even after discovering how bad the lag was, he didn't leave the server and his respect towards it only grew. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he was missing out on social life and thought the server would be a way to replace previous social opportunities.

Some time after 30th July 2020??

After a time, he decided to make a place of his own. This was where he created a plan for his new town, Floatopia. Floatopia was going to be a floating city built in the shadow of the Angel Statue, but since he had just started, he had very little resources and progress was very slow. The project was finally killed off due the fact that he was not properly aware of the rules. Whilst building, he accidently connected to a buoy constructed by another player. He was given a warning by Vecxin (Great guy by the way, go check out his wiki page), and was teleported to a new location which eventually became Robot Island

Although Robot Island was alright, Robot was beginning to feel lonely and didn't feel like he was becoming part of the community by living on his own. At a point, he even considered leaving MCO. However one day, a player by the name of charliepeee came to him and asked whether he would like to run his town, Charlietown. Very excited and slightly confused at why he had been chosen out of all the other players, Robot accepted his offer and became Mayor.

September 2020-ish

As mayor, he began his work. He started by renovating some of the oldest buildings in the town, like the farm and his home. He never really did much advertising to new players at this point as the town was still undergoing renovation, but this was the point where one of the first active citizens - SenatorApple (yes, you might have heard of him!) joined the town. The pair worked together to improve the town, creating a discord server and expanding the town and bringing in newcomers. They eventually formed a council and made each other co-mayors, running the town together.

5 months later

After months of working on the town, Robot wanted to take a break and focus on his exams, which took about 5 months. He missed McO whilst he was away, but now he is back, and more active than ever before! He now focuses on building up Charlietown, but also works on more personal projects and his new Diamond Mall shop. He hopes he will still be playing on the server for a long time yet, and is excited to be doing so!

The 1.12 Update

It is April 4th. Well, the update actually came the day before, but since Robot lives in the UK he ended up missing out on attending the official release. When he came on he was very about all the new server features and all the old players who came back to experience the update as well. He also realised how many projects he’d been doing at once, so has pledged to make a list and start nothing new until that list is complete! A notable project he is working on is the Emberrest Arena, which will be host to multiple events in the future.

Moderator Promotion!

< Vecxin> Hey lads, I have an interesting Vecxin fact to share
< EastDakota> what is it
< The_Jackal_249> :o
< Vecxin> My Favorite type of berry...are blueberries
< Vecxin> And you know what? I think MCO could use some more blue.....
< SenatorApple> =D
< EastDakota> new mod?
< ServL> :OOOOO

After much anticipation (shared between himself and a few of his staff friends) Robot was promoted to moderator by Vecxin, the same player who had warned him as a new player all those months ago. Robot had never been happier with his newfound responsibilities.

And this was where the story ends. For now anyways…

Annoyingly Long List of his builds

This list *should* contain every single build RobotReaction has built ever. (No Guarantee)

Floatopia (Discontinued)

Robot Island

Charlietown Home

Charlietown Public Farm

Charlietown Church

Charlietown Town Hall

Ferris Wheel

Charlietown Viewing Platform

Green Carrot Diner

RoboCo Accommodation

RoboCo Farming Supplies Shop

Robot’s Montegaux Home (Interior)

Charlietown Museum (Under Construction)

Robot’s Medieval Emberrest Home (Under Construction)