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nexus_towns.png Charlietown

The Charlietown Council Flag

Founder charliepeee
Contributors RobotReaction 1Catnip
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-7326
Dimension Overworld
Map link


Welcome to Charlietown, the cosiest town in the server!

Founded by the MCO player charliepeee back in 2014, Charlietown started to gain more popularity in 2020, since RobotReaction and SenatorApple became joint-owners of the town and decided to work, improve, and expand it.

We encourage collaborative building between our citizens, as well as anyone sharing build ideas for the town.

Charlietown benefited of yet another boost of popularity when player and moderator 1Catnip and tyhdefu decided to build here in 2020.

To see planned projects, town info and more, please see the information below.

 < 1Catnip> Isn't charlietown the hip new town that's the most recently popular
 < Appleheadfr> I dont know how popular it is but we've been getting new citizens almost everyday recently 1Catnip puts on the helmet of bandwagonism
 < 1Catnip> I am... interested

⬆️ This was the beginning of a friendship



Led by RobotReaction, the council's vision for Charlietown is to create a haven for new players, where there will be convenient access to resources and food and players can learn to appreciate the way of life at MCO.

These works involve improving infrastructure links between Charlietown and spawn, creating plots for people to move in and unleash their creative abilities and improving the agricultural aspects of the city to make food an easy resource to come by.

If you would like to help in improving Charlietown, or you would interested in living here, contact RobotReaction or SenatorApple in-game, via discord, or using the Control Panel.

Planned projects

  • Some work is going to be done around town in the coming weeks, mainly work that will make the town look just a little better in general! (Hopefully)
  • To anyone interested, we’re planning a new expansion to the town! We want to do some work on the north west coastal area, and turn it into a quayside. If anyone has any other suggestions on what could be added, please contact a councilor via Discord.
  • One part of the quayside is a large museum for artefacts to be stored in!

If you’d like to help the town grow, you can help with construction or you can donate materials.

How do you get there?

There is a Nexus Station that was set up by jimmyd93 and SenatorApple on October 4th 2020. Traveling to Charlietown has never been easier: simply travel to the main nexus, enter the light blue pad and follow the signs. (Light blue 1, same as for Newport)

Charlietown is also connected to Acacia Roads, and linked through the nether.


Founding Square

This area is the region surrounding the animal pens and crop farm. This area was once the full extent of the town, before its expansion began in 2020. Contains houses of some of the first citizens!

The Rivercliff Area

This area was the town’s first expansion. It contains the town hall and clock tower, and is partially surrounded by a mountain and the River Charlie, it's Apple's silly place, near which you can find a statue of him because why not.

The Quayside

This area is built up by the lake nearby. It is home to the Charlietown Museum and the houses of players, and has a view of tha lake and SenatorApple's crafting table island.


After some time living in the town, members may be given a special role relating to an aspect of the town they specialise in. Here are the players that have an officially identified role: RobotReaction: Mayor of the town alongside SenatorApple, runs the town. Has access to the town's vault, and can edit public buildings if needed. (Improvements, correction, etc) SenatorApple: Mayor of the town along side RobotReaction Head of Resource Management, has access to the town's vault, and can edit public buildings if needed. (Improvements, correction, etc) 1Catnip: Councilor and Head of Architecture ( Tyhdefu has also done a lot for the town in regards to building, but no official role has been given to him. Here's his special shoutout! -1Catnip) mekboy21: Head of Subterranean Construction: Can give permission for the construction of large underground builds. Any large underground build that exists he can ask to be moved higher or removed entirely. Also he gives permission for mines.

2020 Revival Buildings

  • Charlietown Sand Mine: Find at 3248 64 13858, use nexus to get to Sand City and then navigate to coords.
  • BigTony's clock tower
  • Apple's tower
  • Town hall by RobotReaction
  • Las Pureza Community Garden
  • Community Library
  • Public wheat farm
  • An isolated cave that is home to 1Catnip

Current Permissions

Citizens can:

  • Build on a spot they can choose from a variety of avaible "plots" after asking autorisation to either RobotReaction or Appleheadfr
  • Edit pathways to link their homes to the rest of the town
  • Add signs to any public notice board to advertise, question or alert others.
  • Morph terrain that may already by hand-positioned in order to have a flat build plane.


Charlietown now has a Discord server where you can chat, receive announcements and suggest and request things. Contact RobotReaction or SenatorApple to ask for an invite link. Alternatively, you could join via this link:


What people have said

"Charlietown is cozy btw" TheSynthPunk, 12/10/2020

"Charlietown looks like an old xbox 360 world full of 8 year olds making a town" - AlTheChan , 8/10/20

"This place is really cozy and calm looking" helpimdeadinside , 21/10/2020

“So I didn’t intend this when I was building, but this place gives me stampy vibes ngl” RobotReaction, 12/2/2021

Sister Cities

Charlietown is sister cities with Montegaux and Catini Catra. Check out their wikis and explore!