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User Luigifan100
Known as Luigi, Lugi, Weegee, Weeg, Lugiggle, Lugig, Luger, Luigi Man, Lugii
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB -04-20
In Freedonia
First joined April 29th, 2022
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Aether
View profile and statistics Luigifan100 is a former Moderator of MCO who was demoted on March 25th, 2024 and later banned on April 10th, 2024 with the ban reason "Targetted harassment of numerous players". Unbeknownst to the staff team at the time of his demotion, it came to light around a month later that he made many inappropriate sexual advances and attempts at grooming and molestation toward vulnerable members of the MinecraftOnline community, including minors, resulting in his immediate and permanent expulsion from the community. The MCO staff team reacted accordingly within hours of this coming to light, and this person is now remembered as one of the worst players on this server of all time, and hopefully will be a registered sex offender.

The pre-ban content of this page can be found below.

This is Luigifan100's wiki page.

< Luigifan100> Hi, I hope you have a great day today!

Quotes by other users about Luigifan100

< snakyman> "ight I'm like 40% sure Luigi is a troll" (I was almost right... he was a pedophile. fuck luigi)
< 1Catnip> "Luigi tossed me into 3 creepers while I was typing xD"
< doublehelix457> "Being Luigi increases stress for everyone else online"
< AriVB> "very violent mindset"
< podd> "there's no point in giving a price for your head, luigi will get it for free one way or another."
< AdoreKitten> "No u hoe, Luigi"
< Kendon> "LUIGI es muy caliente"
< vini55505> "Luigi is the type of guy that helps you whenever you want"
< Pojoj> "WEEGEEE"
< NickolasDiamond>"LUIIIIIIIIIIII,  ο Lui είναι καυτός."
< ChappJack>"Luigi's mortal enemy is LoganAMartin"
< pigintheforest> "lewdgeegee”
< oskw> "kys"
< Game_Geekz0> "FUCK LUIGIFAN100!"
Luigifan100 and Jeaky.

Builds made around Freedonia

I've made a mansion called Luigi's Mansion, located right by Burgeon City.

I have also made homes near 4untochrist's town, Newport, Bronton and a number of other areas!

I also have a city called Cakevile, which is always accepting residents and currently has 150+ residents!

Information about the city: Cakeville