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With the incorporation of LionsShop into the lands of Freedonia, the average citizen can trade with his fellow Freedonians after paying a nominal fee of 16 diamonds per trading sign.

List of notable shops

Name Approx coordinates Nearest warp Tools/armour Wool Food Rare materials Notes
Diamond Mall X=-3884, Y=70, Z=1576 DiamondMall Yes Yes Yes Yes A multilevel mall that's public to anyone who wants to purchase a stall. Offering a wide array of goods!
GT Shop X=166, Y=66, Z=2759 Glenfiddich Yes Yes Yes Yes Just inside Glenfiddich selling a smaller selection of goods than Diamondmall, but some are at better prices.
Hillvalley Wool Market X=-450, Y=72, Z=-1780 HillValley No Yes No No A quick stroll from the warp. Made obvious by the wooden fence stalls.
Minemart X=-5435 Y=70 Z=1840 NewVenice Yes Yes No Yes A shop full of materials for sale! Easiest to get too through the Minemart Nexus (Nexus Blue - 2)
Lava Town Plaza X=3588 Y=72 Z=201 Caverns Yes No Yes Yes Consisting of the Lavatown Arcanum and the Lavatown Armory this plaza built by Shypixel and MrDax has all the enchanted and unenchanted tools you could ever need and a wide array of potions for sale!
Spawn Market X=27 Y=53 Z=378 Spawn No No No Yes A handy market near spawn with lot's of rare and useful materials for sale!

Other shops

Name Approx coordinates Nearest warp Tools/armour Wool Food Rare materials Notes
Gardopolis wool shop X=-530, Y=70, Z=8870 Gardopolis No Yes No No
Mechman007's Black Market X=-10722 Y=70 Z=18316 Vizima Yes No Yes No Inside Mechs land of hed art, sells all the diamond tools and armor anyone could need! Easiest way to get to it is through the Newport Nether Route Made by Mechman007
Black Bill's Imported Market X=3449 Y=80 Z=220 Caverns No No Yes Yes Inside Lavatown near the Pigchinko Arena. Will buy goods for gold!
Shyssentials X=3522 Y=80 Z=236 Caverns No Yes No Yes Inside Lavatown and built by Shypixel this shop has all the essential rare blocks you need, for a cheap price!
Frostagon Ice Shop X=-33 Y=86 Z=11511 Gardopolis No No No Yes Just a short walk from the Frostagon Rail connection and you'll be ready too purchase some packed ice! Easiest too get to through the Frostagon FRS link or too walk from the New Dublin Nexus link
Saikyo Lights X=-13329 Y=68 Z=-3028 Quarryton No No No Yes Located just outside the Saikyo Nexus hub, it sells glowstone and redstone lamps at reasonable rates.

Under construction=

Name Approx coordinates Nearest warp Tools/armour Wool Food Rare materials Notes
Mottbro mall X=-260, Y=70, Z=-200 Residaemian Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown A privately leased mall space owned by mottbro currently under construction in his town as of 27th January 2012