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Warp Sauna
2012-04-09 15.02.08.png

Your Steamy Death awaits

Type Trap
Underground? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Rail link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-111
Nearest point of interest Maze
Map link

"sauna is BAD!!!! you should all go there!" eateateatfood

  < joubin87> what is the dark secret of the server?
  < George_Mann> joubin87 do /warp sauna and find out for yourself joubin87 has made the advancement [Not as nice as it sounds] joubin87 swam in lava. joubin87 left the game
  < Azeur> too dark for him
  < George_Mann> he couldn't handle the truth

A heated point of no return, beneath the Maze. For more information, see Maze#Sauna.

There is speculation that Sauna has a secret that affects events elsewhere in the world.

"If You Go To Sauna Prepare To Swim a fiery swim......" Blacktroller235

What is the Sauna?

You can reach The Sauna using the /warp sauna command, but as the server is constantly saying, you shouldn't. Some players like to trick other players into typing /warp sauna with the prospect of some reward such as diamond gear. If you do reach The Sauna, you will be brought to a huge room filled with lava, you will be stuck on a 3 × 3 glass platform, and you will either starve to death or burn on your heroic attempt to escape The Sauna.

How do I get out?

While there are occasionally glitches that can allow a player to escape from the Sauna, the Sauna is not meant to be something one can escape from and these glitches are frequently patched to restore its true purpose.

What about my stuff? I lost all my stuff in there!

Your stuff belongs to the lava now.

You may find your items have ended up in the chests in the middle of the Maze above Sauna.