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Warp Sauna
2012-04-09 15.02.08.png

Your Steamy Death awaits

Type Trap
Underground? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Rail link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-110
Nearest point of interest Maze
Map link

"sauna is BAD!!!! you should all go there!" - eateateatfood

A heated point of no return, beneath the Maze. For more information, see Maze#Sauna.

There is speculation that Sauna has a secret, that affects events elsewhere in the world.

"If You Go To Sauna Prepare To Swim a fiery swim......" - Blacktroller235

You can reach The Sauna using the /warp sauna command, but as the server is constantly saying, you shouldn't. Some players like to trick other players into typing /warp sauna with the prospect of some reward such as diamond gear. If you do reach The Sauna, you will be brought to a huge room filled with lava and you will be stuck on a single stone block. Unless you teleport back, you will either starve to death or burn on your heroic attempt to escape The Sauna.

Lamedude1 melted in the lava.
"That was a good trip to the sauna" - Lamedude1

Cozmo1Cozmo Tried to swim in lava.
"I recommend the sauna to anyone suffering with depression" - Cozmo1Cozmo

A popular belief is that there is, in fact, no means of exit from The Sauna, but the truth is that, with a combination of luck and skill, a properly equipped player can escape.