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User e47tn
Known as drdrs, drdr, dr, e47
Gender Male
Location Romania
Nationality Romanian
In Freedonia
First joined June 1st 2020 (with username drdrs76)
First building smol house
Donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics e47tn was a regular on McO. He liked working on projects and exploring the world. Built Heese 69 (the best place in Freedonia) and has reached 1 year of playing on the server on June 1st 2021, 14:54PM EET. Also went inactive after a certain incident at the end of July 2021, but went active again at the end of the year.

Previous usernames: drdrs76, xDrdrs76, Drdrs_, xxDrdrsRO69YTxx and Drdrs.

Current username: e47tn


100 Hours:

(MCS) drdrs76 has played for over 100 hours!
(MCS) drdrs76 earned the right to build higher than 128!
< DarthSagit> gg
(MCS) Notchie disconnected.
< 4014> I hate when I get stuck outside the world border
< Xuvaci> gg both of you
(MCS) ArcticWolf622 couldn't find food.
< 4014> gg
< drdrs76> yay
< Xuvaci> f arctic
< ibxtoydog> F
< GriffinLord12> oof
< RunRun_5> gg


(MCS) xDrdrs76 just donated £4.00 for donor status!
< bucketsofwasps> gg
< ecu_zep> gg
< Microcosms> gg
< Void42_> oh nice
< TTuge> gg
< PPapyru> gg
< HDiddy1982> gg!
< Rassezz259> gg
< Aziroeth> Gg
< xDrdrs76> yay
< Scampi_> I think the minecraft wiki covers it pretty well
< HDiddy1982> I gave you wooden tools to say thanks!
(MCS) ratrun disconnected.
< HDiddy1982> lmao 

1000 hours:

(MCS) Drdrs_ has played for over 1000 hours!
(MCS) SeLiMbItS earned the right to build higher than 128!
< SeLiMbItS> timonds
< Aziroeth> gg
< runarlogi> gg
< ibxtoydog> GG!!!
< InventiveCrafter> gg
< StarsoulX> Damn gg
< runarlogi> diamonds
< Vagankovo> GG
< Drdrs_> ayyyyy
< SeLiMbItS> wtf I earned something I alrdy had
< ChivalricCode> gg
< SeLiMbItS> WTF
< 123gooku123> gg
< 1235_John> gg!

"Free the End" Advancement:

(MCS) Drdrs has made the advancement: Free the End
< MrSlimeDiamond> gg
< Drdrs> YOOOO
< Anna_28> nice
< LordEsDeath> omg
< Darkerfly> GGGGGGGGG
< doge_much_rare> Nice!
< LordEsDeath> gg
< doge_much_rare> gg
< alexgark01> gg
< AlpekPL> GG
< Darkerfly> btw
< BlakeM27> gggs!
< Mechman007> gg
< shee3p> gg
< r9q> gg
< BlueBlaziken> gg! :D
< HY_Turkic> oh and PacMan is BLM pacman

Owner of



  • Unfinished builds
  • Noob shacks
  • Annoying people
  • Griefers
  • Among Us
  • Vagankovo



"a man has fallen into an ocean in freedonia while doing /wilderness" - e47tn


"i was at span" - e47tn

"xMrMrs76 o.o" - 1Catnip



e47tn was banned on 16/09/22 for "Spam. Repetetive posting of links". Silly e47tn.

public service annoucement bow down before our god 33///

probs gonna revamp this soon