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User Link03
Known as Link, Link03
Gender Male
Location Belgium
Nationality Belgian
DOB 2004-04-13
Occupation School
In Freedonia
First joined 14 November 2020
First building Basic wooden house
Donor level * Donor
Kit level *** Iron
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Who is Link03?

Link03 is a player and ex-moderator on Minecraft Online, who did the impossible:
Create a town, get tons of people to join and get a nexus link in a little over a month with the help of a lot of other people of course

(And then he did it again in an even shorter time with his second town Riverdale)

He is active ingame but he's also pretty active on Discord so you can always contact him there!

As previously hinted at, he's also the founder of Emberrest and Riverdale.

He's the leader and founder of the League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements.


-Having conversations with all sorts of people

-History and talking about it with others

-Respectful people

-To sometimes talk about food


- Griefers

- Rude people


- Link comes from Belgium and is at the time of writing this on college

- He has heritage from Morocco from both parents

- He speaks fluent Dutch (his native language)


- SenatorApple

- Ibxtoydog

- Nuboso358

- NevadaDream

- RobotReaction

- Raflamar

- 1Catnip

- Daltalf

- And many others!

Link03's story

November 14th

Link found out about McO by watching various Youtubers (he doesn't remember who anymore) and he became curious so he decided to check it out. He started out in the rules hall and read the rules. After that he went to spawn and then he did the /wilderness command to find himself a nice place to build a house. Link hasn't read the rules properly though because when he did the command, he ended up in a big ocean and he wanted to type so he broke a block of wool ...... Ex moderator Aziroeth soon teleported to him to interrogate him.

After that she took him to the rules hall to read the rules a second time. This time Link did properly understand the rules and apologised for the incident. He came away with a warning.

November 14th 2020 - December 29th 2020

Link spent a lot of his early days wandering around and asking questions in chat. Eventually he found a spot to build his first basic house at (he doesn't remember where anymore). He didn't really have friends on McO during his very early days but eventually he started to talk more in chat with people and so he started to make his first friends. Some of his first friends were Ibxtoydog, r9q

Link continued to live in his basic house until the 29th of December when an admin (he doesn't remember who) asked the chat if someone wanted cobblestone from an unlocked chest out of an abandoned castle they found. Link and someone else called ItsJustPizza (now inactive) accepted the offer and were teleported to the castle. They collected the cobblestone and wandered a bit around the castle. Link really liked the surrounding place. He liked it so much that he decided to move there.

Eventually Link had the idea of creating a town there and invited ItsJustPizza to the town. Link became the owner of the town with ItsJustPizza being its first resident! The town of Emberrest (back then Sea Port) got declared on the 29th of Decmber 2020 by Link with Ibxtoydog making a book copy of the declaration that same day.

December 29th 2020 - March 18th 2021

This time was the golden age for Link. He started to become way more active and also started to make other friends like Nuboso358, and many others! Emberrest also started to grow a lot during this time with the help of ChivalricCode and RobotReaction among others. The town grew so big that the town started working on the criterias for a Nexus. Eventually the town got its Nexus on the 4th of February and Link organized the Emberrest Nexus Ceremony the next day.

March 18th 2021 - April 3th 2021

Link got promoted to Moderator on the 18th of March among other people. He was very honoured to get this position and he would end up being really active for the following weeks. This is also the peak period of Emberrest and after that it went into a decline (but dont worry, we're working on reviving it =D).

April 3th 2021 - April 12th 2023

Link began to maintain his time on McO more and started to become a bit inactive. Nowadays he isn't that active anymore but you can still occasionally see him online. He's pretty active on Discord though and feel free to contact him there if you have questions! During this time Link started to work on some McO community Discord servers, one of those being the League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements.

On the 14th of November 2021, Link reached his 1st year anniversary on the server!

April 12th 2023 - January 11th 2024

Link resigned on April 12 2023 after two years of staff service. He has enjoyed his time at the staff team and has a lot of respect for them but he wanted to focus more on his projects (mostly Emberrest). After Link resigned, he is back active as ever! Currently he's mainly working back on Emberrest after two years of inactivity.

January 11th 2024 - now

On January 11th 2024 Link officially decided to abandon Emberrest. Link already had ambitions to form a new town outside the old circle for a while but due to a big disagreement Link had with a certain builder from Emberrest, he decided now was a good time to form Riverdale. The disagreement could've been solved but this would take months of going back and forth between admins and the certain builder would've always tried to resist anything. This was not worth the battle.

Link03 still owns Emberrest. The town has just been put on inactive for the foreseeable and no more projects will be built in the town. Emberrest will remain like a relic of the past and as a memory where it all began for Link. Link is mainly focused on Riverdale nowadays.