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Aliases can be useful for saving locations or points of interest in the world. You can also save public aliases which allow others to see them. These can work in any dimension and are useful for navigation or finding your way back to somewhere.

/tpto is a command to teleport directly to a given set of coordinates, or a saved alias. It is available to donors of obsidian level upwards, as well as moderators.

To use the command with specific coordinates, type:

  • /tpto x (y) z where x, y and z are your intended destination coordinates. The y coordinate is optional, and if not specified, it will attempt to position you on the surface - but you may be dropped at the location from max world height instead, so wearing armour is advisable if trying this.

The tpto command can also be used with aliases - you can save up to eight aliases to return to later by default.

  • /savealias name - save your current location as an alias with your specified name.
    • /savealias name -public - save your your location as an public alias, allowing others to see it.
  • /listalias - show the list of your saved aliases and the distance you are from each one.
    • /listalias username - list username's public aliases.
  • /copyalias username name - copy username's public name and add it to your aliases.
  • /delalias name - delete an alias of a specific name
  • /tpto name - teleport to a saved alias location.

Players can also donate for more alias slots.

Aliases can be managed using the control panel here.

You can either press F3 or type /getpos to obtain your current coordinates. Only the significant figures are meaningful - don't bother entering anything after the decimal point; although the coordinate information is very precise, you're unlikely to have any use for precision to the nearest millimetre!