Great Northwestern Highway (Project)

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This page is about the 2017 project by the Freedonia Road Co. For information on bloo_noodle's highway of the same name, see Great Northwestern Highway.

green_infrastructure.png Great Freedonian Northwest Highway

Historical Route GNWH

Owner Freedonia Road Co.
Contributors bloo_noodle snakyman KingServal ScarClaw72 IvanLeshev mk59apr hjk321 Ted1246 Flamehaze97
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Started Early 2017
Coordinates X=-7425
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The Great Northwestern Highway is a large Freedonia Road Co. project for road connections which has roots tracing back to IvanLeshev's formerly abandoned project, the Icekansen, from 2017, and the original Snaketown - New Snak City Highway which was made by snakyman with help from ScarClaw72, IvanLeshev, and mk59apr in January 2018. It was built to connect the towns of Snaketown and New Snak City. It was then given a new life when bloo_noodle, who loves building roads, decided to remake it. KingServal wanted to also add an expansion and started to work in a northern route for the project. snakyman & KingServal began the final draft of the network in late January/ early February of 2019. The project was coordinated by snakyman. This was the first official project of the Freedonia Road Co.

The Branches

Old New Snak City Highway

The original, birch, Snaketown - New Snak City Highway that connects Snaketown, Forrrest, Colllumns (3m wide road connected to Colllumns, GNWH Central Rest Area, and Route 69), and New Snak City

New New Snak City Highway bloo_noodle's much nicer remake of the Snaketown - New Snak City Highway that connects Snaketown, Forrrest, GNWH Central Rest Area, New Snak City and to Freedonia's main road system

GNWH Route Map.jpg

Map of Old and New Snak City Highway or GNWH

Route 69 KingServal's highway that connects fthtjyjy's island, Mooshroom Reserve, Phoenix Isles, GNWH Central Rest Area, and some minor places.


Made by IvanLeshev, connects to Numington Town Forrrest, as well as a faster route to fthtjyjy's island; is connected to highway by Route 69.


Map of Icekansen and Route 69


If you wish to get from Snaketown to Numington Town or vice versa, use the nether highway or use the tunnels to Forrrest.