Spur Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Spur Station
Spur Station.png

The station with his owner

Owner getplayerhead.sh?chivalrousWeasel&16.png chivalrousWeasel
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath
Station Code Spur
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=797
Dimension Overworld
Settlement New Atlanta
Map Link

Spur Station is an temporary railway station built by getplayerhead.sh?chivalrousWeasel&16.png chivalrousWeasel in 2011, located on the FRS Lava Town Line near New Atlanta

Station Structure

The station was built on the ground level with an experimental design, the station isn't connected with an road to the nearest city, this station was built only for doing tests. A sign for indicate the direction to New Atlanta was placed near the station.

It was later redone by getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 to add more sorting options, then simplified by getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath by using CartLift.

Due to his placement on the junction with the Lava Town Main Line and the Gotham City Branch, the station had a very complex sorting yard with many rails


List of services available at Spur Station:

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