Batugus Labs Tube 2 Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Batugus Labs Tube 2
Batugus Labs Tube 2 Station (Wide View).png
Owner Anna_28
Station Code BatugusLabs
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=245
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Batugus Labs
Map Link

Batugus Labs Tube 2 is a Railway Station located both on the FRS Oriental Line (StromIsle Branch) and Lava Town Line in the Batugus Labs complex.

This station was registered for the participation of the Freedonia Best Railway Station Competition with his twin brother: Batugus Labs Tube 1 Station

Station Structure

The station has a uncommon structure, the station was made inside the Batugus Labs and platforms for the Lava Town Line are connected to the entry hall by an impressive tube transport system.

Guide for using this station:

  • Step 1: Buy a ticket in the main hall, hold this in your hand while on the railway
  • Step 2: Click on the button on the Redstone Lamp to "Freedonia Railway System Lava Town Line"
  • Step 3: wait some seconds for changing the routing of tubes
  • Step 4: Jump into the hole on the floor and let you transport by the water to the station (if your are stuck into the system, do an /Spawn or /home command)
  • Step 5: Call a cart and ride it after selected your station with the /st command


List of services available at Batugus Labs Tube 2 Station:

  • Ticket service (5 cobbles = 1 ticket for riding the Lava Town Line)
  • Tube Transport terminal from this station
  • Automatic Cart Dispenser with Cart Launch and Cart Eject devices
    Transport Tube System set to reach the Lavatown Line
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