The FitMC Invasion 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Invasions The Great FitMC Invasion
Fitmc invasion.jpg

Spawn swarming with new adventurers and veteran guardians alike

Epicenter Spawn
Event Date 04/04/2020-04/8/2020

 April 4th, 2020 at 4:28 GMT  
< Eclypto18> 120 Players < Eclypto18> WTF < mSup> LOL < DarthSagit> Fit happened


  • Around 14:00 GMT on April 4th 2020, 2b2t YouTuber FitMC uploaded a video on his channel on the topic of MinecraftOnline's April Fools event, where the version was rolled back to Java Edition 1.4.6 on an old backup: All server moderation and protection plugins were removed, banned players were allowed to enter and griefing was permitted. Only for that day.
 April 4th, 2020 at 2:01 GMT  
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> Oh my fucking god [DSC] < HY_Turkic> FitMC made a McO video < pretzel33> wut < theschlozmeister> no [DSC] < HY_Turkic> Just a minute ago < theschlozmeister> NO
  • Naturally, Fit's featuring of the server introduced the server to his entire fanbase consisting of 860,000 people brought a massive wave of invaders. Many rushing to check out what the server was about, and many to grief. The server hit the 120 player cap, something that has never been achieved in the entire 9 and a half years of MinecraftOnline history!
  • The glaring issue here was that Fit showed the server in its anarchy state on April Fools 2020. Many people joined the server thinking so, and some were really confused as to why the world was suddenly normal. Needless to say, this was definitely a helpout to the griefing motive.
  • Many players helped defend various cities and kill off invading players. The amount of players that came gradually rose to max capacity within a hour after the invasion started and resulted in a server wide restart around 15:20 GMT due to massive lag on the server and Discord.
  • In order to reduce the influx of new players, old players flooded the chat with promises of diamonds and food at the Sauna. The server tps was so low that players inside the Sauna could not die from the lava, and were permanently trapped inside of the boiling purgatory.
  • Many old players were excited to head to spawn and murder new players, but found it difficult to defend spawn due to the intense lag preventing them from cleansing the area of new players.
  • MrMcBricks left a comment under the video to clarify that the anarchy was an April Fools event where a backup was loaded and griefing was allowed, but over after 1 April and the server is NOT griefed, receiving over 4.5k likes. Fit mentioned twice in the video and also later posted a pinned comment clarifying the event is only for 24 hours and MCO is NOT an anarchy server. However, people seems to not read and keep asking whether is this server griefed, possibly due to the server name being directly mentioned in the video title and viewers coming with their queries before even clicking into the video.

Players Response

About an hour after the initial release of the video players who wanted to help remained at Spawn and killed any new players attempting to leave the spawn area to reduce grief. Warps were closed down to prevent Fit fans from spreading far across the server and grief. By April 5th, a day after the fiasco started, the Invasion was calming down. The server went from having 60-70 players on average on April 4th, the 30-40 players on April 5th. Is it safe to say the invasion is over? We don't know, but the current situation looks like it is almost over. With Fit publishing a comment on his video informing his audience how McO was not anarchy, much less people started to join.