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User Vagankovo

HEV suit

Known as Ivan, Vagan, Vegan (jokingly)
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Occupation Former Moderator and Player of MinecraftOnline
In Freedonia
First joined 12th of February, 2017
First building House in Silver Lake
Kit level * Wood
Legacy donor level * Wood
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On MCO, there are no moral standards. Vagankovo is a player on MinecraftOnline. He was promoted to Moderator on the 2nd of December, 2020. He resigned from this position on the 27th of February 2021 for personal reasons. On 14th of July 2021 he chose to leave Freedonia due to core disagreements with the policy.


Vagankovo first joined MCO at 12th of February, 2017. Shortly after passing through the Rules Hall he was met by Freeman77 at Spawn. He took him to the Silver Lake, his own city. Vagan started out his own house, however he quickly abandoned it due to Freeman's inactivity.

He decided to move to Clifftonville, hh8's (former username - Rogue_Seeker) town based around a cliff. He has made various contributions to the town, namely a beach around the lake and a mansion (demolished in early 2020), and has also experienced a permissions dispute. He also introduced Clifftonville to runarlogi, now a regular from autumn 2020 after having disappeared in 2017.

During a visit to Forrrest Vagan saw Cpt_Waterbubble, who led him to his Numington Town. Vagan has de-facto acted as Waterbubble's helping hand and formally became a co-mayor of the town (albeit without any build permissions).

While exploring Freedonia he stumbled upon a project by hprick to create a boat tunnel. With Vagan's help it would eventually become the Ginza Tunnel, now part of the BenEm boat route. With that he discovered the Benjamese Empire and started contributing to it.

In his time in BenEm he founded his own town Tussenstad (now inactive) and helped to create the BenEm boat route and various projects. However, as members of the BenEm gradually became inactive and BenEm was dying, Vagan doesn't remember much of 2019. In April 2020 he decided to leave MCO for reasons unknown and forgotten.

In September 2020 Vagan decided to pay a visit to the MCO Wiki and has read in runarlogi's user page that he has returned. Wishing to meet him, Vagan logged in and PMed Runar. Together they walked through Tussenstad and talked to each other. Vagan decided to stick around and became a regular again.

Decision to leave Freedonia

At June 2021, he saw no disciplinary response to child sexualisation and instead saw it being downplayed and excused. He chose to revoke his Moderator application, as he believes that it is morally wrong to serve an administration which does these things.

He believes that MinecraftOnline is morally bankrupt, during his time he saw immoral and inexcusable actions from certain Admins. As such, on 14th of July he made the decision to leave Freedonia.

Update on 17th of January, 2022: A sexual predator was banned by a moderator for many egregious instances of public sexual harassment before being shortly unbanned by an admin. No longer is this a "single distasteful joke", the Administration openly and publicly welcomes sexual harassment onto the server. This therefore proves my position. On top of other egregious incidents of Administration's inaction, this also proves MCO isn't a safe community.


Has been deemed to be the most obnoxious player by Verico Post as a result of a community vote at 1st of May, 2021.

Known for reporting tons and tons of instances of grief to the admins. Vagankovo: Jackal, are you here
... The_Jackal_249: Vagan: What's up? Vagankovo: Can you investigate some grief? Selimbits: Investigate possible grief i'm guessingi Selimbits: ahhahaha Vagankovo: Baked potatos are better than baked eggs Vagankovo: Baked eggs are disgusting ibxtoydog: baked eggs.....? The_Jackal_249: Baked... Eggs...? LordOfTheShadows: baked eggs sounds kinda cursed tbh ibxtoydog: ok, that has to just be a russian thing LordOfTheShadows: Only in Russian(tm)? Vagankovo: Boiled eggs, excuse me ibxtoydog: oh okay xD The_Jackal_249: Oh, lol ibxtoydog: fucking baked eggs xD

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