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nexus_cities.png North Of Nowhere

Welcome to the best city in all of Minecraft Online!

Founder muldore
Contributors Hyperluminous, DorpEngineer, helpimdeadinside, Cosmic_potato_04, and all other NoN Citizens!
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Citizens Only
Size north to south 500m
Size west to east 500m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=901
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


Most of North Of Nowhere is built on a grass raft, with the exception of the Mt. Dwyane, which is primarily made out of stone. The entirety of the grass island, that NoN is built on, is known as Haven Island, and has no specific building theme. Town members are free to build whatever they wish there, within reason. The Docks have a generally medieval theme, and no map/pixel art is allowed there without permission. Lastly, the Road to Nowhere extends south of North Of Nowhere and leads back to Spawn. NoN’s founder, muldore, originally intended for the Road to Nowhere to be a way to allow new players to make their own islands separate from Haven Island if they so wish.


Inside Town Hall there is a huge history wall that details the history of the town and is still being updated.

Notable Historical Events


North of Nowhere was founded on January 16, 2020 after muldore used /wilderness and found himself in the middle of the ocean. Naturally, he decided to build a town there.

The Great Thefts of 2020

The Great Thefts of 2020 were perpetrated by an unknown criminal(s) on February 5th or 6th, then again on April 19th/20th, the second theft being known as “The Great Northern Purge”. Said criminal(s) took advantage of our complete lack of security measures and stole many valuable items from the town. During the first theft, the thief took, among other things, the town's entire iron supply, the town’s entire redstone supply, and most of the town's wool for some reason. Though no grief was done, the loss of said items set the town back days. The aftermath of the Great Northern Purge saw every open chest completely looted. Hundreds, if not thousands, of blocks and items were lost. These thefts taught us a valuable lesson on the need for the protection of items. Basic security measures were put in place afterword, including locking chests with valuables, and walling off the room. All truly valuable items, such as diamonds and glowstone, are now stored in players ender chests for personal use.

The Death of Bob

The death of Bob, the second villager cured of the zombie plague by then Mayor Muldore, and the only named mob in North Of Nowhere at that time, was caused by a rouge zombie entering the base. Bob was re-infected and was slain by an unsuspecting citizen before he could be re-cured.

Nexus Connection

On March 22, 2020, after an area was constructed underneath the Town Hall by muldore to be used as the NoN Nexus Pad, Anna_28 connected NoN to the Nexus system via Pink 3.

The North Of Nowhere Revival Project

The North Of Nowhere (NoN) Revival Project was a project that started on April 15, 2024 with the goal of making the city active again. It was spearheaded by helpimdeadinside with the help of Hyperluminous as he became active again on the server again. The project, while technically never having an official “end”, was considered a success with the introduction of 10+ new members, a new Head of Industrial District, massive expansions to Haven Island, and many new builds.


To prevent a wall of text that no one will read, the rules for the town have been removed from the Wiki. You can find the full list of rules in the NoN discord server (link below) or in the Rules Room at NoN which is in the town hall.

City Council

Created in March 2020, the role of the city council in NoN is to create rules and enforce them.

On April 29, 2024, muldore appointed helpimdeadinside as the mayor and stepped down to Vice Co-Mayor.

Current Council Members

Former Council Members

Alliances, Coalitions, & Partnerships

< helpimdeadinside> we are now apart of the utc :OOO

On April 25, 2024 North Of Nowhere officially became a member of the United Texas Coalition when then Vice Co-Mayor, now Mayor, helpimdeadinside was invited to become a member. helpimdeadinside & Cosmic_potato_04 are NoN’s Representatives for the UTC.


Industrial District

< DorpEngineer> I want to create a partially underground area called "Industry District", Including the stone generator and birch gen. The tunnels will be below the sea floor and connected to the town hall - Craftbook farms will be included in the Industry District

Originally created in April of 2020 by DorpEngineer shortly after joining NoN, the Industrial District grew into a large area filled with various farms. Dorp Engineer was quickly appointed to the position of “Head of Industrial District” since he created and maintained all of the farms in the Industrial District prior to Cosmic_potato_04 taking over his position.

After DorpEngineer was banned from MCO, the Industrial District was left without support. No new farms were built and the existing ones kept working for the most part. When the server updated from 1.7.10 to 1.12.2, most of the farms that DorpEngineer had built had finally broke and it left the Industrial District in ruins for many years.

In April of 2024, Cosmic_potato_04 joined the town as part of the North Of Nowhere Revival Project. Cosmic wanted to fix the stone farm and asked Hyperluminous if he could do that. After being inquired by Hyperluminous if he knew how to use Craftbook and confirming that he did, Cosmic quickly began work on fixing the stone farm. After seeing the great work that Cosmic put into fixing the stone farm, Hyperluminous appointed Cosmic as the new Head of Industrial District, granting Cosmic all perms to the district and its many farms.

Farms List

Alphabetical list of farms available in NoN, unless otherwise stated:

• Acacia Wood Farm (Planned)

• Birch Wood Farm (Broken. To be repaired. However, there are still tons of birch logs in the chests.)

• Charcoal Farm (Inactive)

• Cobblestone Farm (Planned. However, you can grab cobblestone from the chests for the stone farm)

• Cow Farm (Active) (Steak & Leather)

• Dark Oak Wood Farm (Planned)

• Gold Farm (Inactive - unsure if working)

• Iron Farm (Inactive - unsure if working)

• Jungle Wood Farm (Planned)

• Oak Wood Farm (Inactive - unsure if working. However, we still have a bunch of oak logs in the chests.)

• Snow Farm (Active)

• Spruce Wood Farm (Inactive - unsure if working. Rework planned.)

• Stone Farm (Active)

• Sugar Cane Farm (Active)

• Wither Skeleton Farm (XP Farm) - (Active. Bones, Coal, and Wither Skeleton Heads)

Note* Not all farms are in the Industrial District.


Citizens are free to build almost anything they want at North Of Nowhere. Here is a list of some notable builds:

Player Homes

The most important builds in North Of Nowhere are the player homes. What makes NoN special is that all citizens are permitted to build a player home in any style or theme that they want. Making them truly unique. It is heavily encouraged for new and existing citizens to build a player home while there is still room to do so.

The Nether Portal

Previously used as the primary way to get to NoN, most players use the Nexus now. However, the portal is still heavily used to get to the Wither Skeleton Farm.

Wither Skeleton Farm

Built by muldore with the help of Hyperluminous. At the time of its construction in the spring of 2020, it was the largest Wither Skeleton Farm in MCO with over 72 mob spawners. It was originally only allowed to be used by the citizens of NoN but is currently allowed to be used by all players. Cosmic_potato_04 currently maintains the farm.

Town Hall

A large building topped by a carrot flag, and is in the center of the town. Both the hall and the flag were constructed by Muldore. Throughout February, 2020 Hyperluminous created additions to the Town Hall including the improved chest room, zombie spawner, and temporary living dorms.

Town Chest Room

A large chest room has been erected beneath town hall, built by Hyperluminous. All members of the town are allowed to use the chest room to deposit and retrieve resources. The room is visible through the Map Room window and the glass road behind town hall.


NoN Museum

Built by helpimdeadinside on April 24, 2024, the NoN Museum replaced the old villager room on the second floor of the Town Hall. helpimdeadinside is the director of the museum and maintains its collection. If you have an item that you wish to donate, please get in contact with the helpimdeadinside or the City Council in the NoN Discord. (Link below) Go check it out when you get a chance!

Map Room

Contained within the town hall, this room has a large map of the town and the surrounding area, and is kept updated by Muldore, sometimes. It also has the town history wall, which is a loose record of events that have occurred in the town such as new members joining, builds being completed, and various other things.

Harbor District

The NoN Harbor District, also known as “the docks”, was built primarily by muldore with some help by Hyperluminous in 2020. There are many builds there and still room for more. Ask Muldore, Hyperluminous, or helpimdeadinside for permission to build there if you’d like.


Located on the docks, the blacksmith was built by Muldore so that the docks wouldn't be so empty. hyperluminous added to it, including the large pile of ore near it.

City District

A project in the works by helpimdeadinside. More information will be available soon.

Haven Library

Built by Hyperluminous, Haven Library had a few setbacks during its construction before officially opening its doors on February 26, 2020. The library has two public enchanting tables and two public ender chests. It also has a full beacon.

Birch Village

Built by WalterDog_ on June 14, 2020, the Birch Village is a small village right behind Haven Library comprised of, you guessed it, primarily birch wood builds, with stone brick and cobblestone used as secondary blocks.


Built by Melthis, the windmill is next to town hall. It looks neat.

Grain Silo

Built next to the, now demolished, Public Farm, this building was designed to store all the wheat we produce. As the chest room does the same thing, it is completely empty.


Here is a list in alphanumeric order of NoN citizens, also known as members: Acesrt AvatarKing Axilie AzaleaDaMemelord Beeraeka big_red bucketofwasps dirrt_ brosquad2006 Conradthepro Cosmic_potato_04 Crafter_Keegan CrazyGamesEU Crowdsurfing Darkerfly DastardlyDude98 DorpEngineer droiiid eleanorthesow FistOfVengeance FuzbolMC Ghostis_ GunCat2 helpimdeadinside henta1girls Hyperluminous JavaChop J4V2 KingBlue42 KurbusMaximus Leafie_ lincoleo12 lol707_ LolitaFashion Lunaa_Lullaby Melthis MisterSauli Mr_moonmilk MrSharkson muldore Orangejuiceboy4 Outboardbag pepsi_man poptom qingman1 RomoBen12 ShadowAuraI shadowslash shortysteve9 Syco_Guy TORREDO2511 The27thsoldier Thunderbeast12 USA76 vilixinity Void42_ WalterDog_ WarDoctor42

Contact Us

The easiest way to contact anyone from North Of Nowhere is to join the city’s discord server. There you can get in contact with the city’s senior leadership, as well as members of the City Council. You also may be able to get in contact with other members of the city if they are in the server.