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User Fraccu

Orange Maine Coon With A Scarf

Known as Frac
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality Lithuanian-American
DOB 2004-10-08
Occupation Geoscientist Intern
In Freedonia
First joined 8 June 2021
First building Maltapple Cave System
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level ***** Diamond
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Fraccu is a player who joined MinecraftOnline on the 8th of June 2021.

My absence may be permanent, that is for you to decide. January 28th 2023

Stuff Fraccu Is Known For

He is founder of Maltapple, and responsible for the rise of Nexus Cakeism, a religion which praises the Spawn Visitor Center Nexus Cake.

On May 5th at 4:10AM Fraccu got married to ScenarioPlanet at spawn over the frozen lake where he gave him a lovely Engagement Ring.

Fraccu also founded the town of Fracville on May 14th of 2022, in response to a joke made by Luigifan100 where he told Frac to make a town called Fracville. The town is located 850 blocks from spawn, and is only 1 chunk in size. Another town he founded was Snaccutown, which he created on June 22nd 2022 in order to win the title of the first person to create a town on the unnamed arctic landmass located in the Northwest of the server.

He is also the current CEO and Founder of Subway/Sillyway, the Official Subway restaurant chain of MCO.

Fraccu also found the Fraccu Fossil.

Founder of the Silly Sluggers Stadium, which he says is his favorite build he has ever made on the server!

Discovered a weird lake he liked and called it Lake Maltapple, where he plans to build a small vacation home.

Fraccu also builds miniature Eastern Bluebirds if a player requests one

Fraccu became the first donor 3 player who is non-staff to hug a player, hugging Radis in the process. He also became the first player to hug SlowRiot, both events happened on August 4th 2022.

Built the ZZ Top Tower one day because he was bored.

Summoned 256 Withers on MCO at once (recorded by Filip0706) and caused 7 minutes and 15 seconds of wither summoning noises (recorded by MSWindows).

Ending a 10 year old mystery

Photo of Fraccu at Tomb 2 taken by ScarClaw72 moments after discovery

After watching one of ScarClaw72's videos about the Tombs made by Machines_Are_Us, Fraccu went searching for one of the Tombs, and became the first person to successfully locate one of the three existing Tombs, which were hidden for over 10 years. Fraccu discovered it on July 15th 2022. The Tomb found was Tomb 2 in Nahagliiv, the Town of Dragons and Ice, but unfortunately, there was no prizes within the Tomb, as Machines_Are_Us had personally destroyed the signs and chest locks in it only hours after creating them. Anna_28 had later verified that Fraccu was the first person to discover the Tomb, and also that Machines_Are_Us destroyed his own signs and chest locks, meaning the Tomb never had any prize. Regardless, Fraccu believes the journey was worth it, and the 10 year old mystery was put to a rest.

Average Fraccu Enjoyment

Fraccu admiring the beloved Nexus Cake

Things Fraccu Loves:

  • Sauna
  • Sauna
  • Sauna
  • Nexus Cake
  • Sauna
  • I love Sauna
  • RainBd (she is the best <3)
  • Mandy (his kitty)
  • Anna
  • NevadaCreamSoda
  • Sauna (please do /warp Sauna)
  • Czech egirl ibxtoydawg
  • Bestie winx omgomgomg yes
  • Following the rules and being accused of breaking them- oh wait maybe not the last part
  • PhillyPhanatic (lovely totally not alt <3)
  • ZZ Top, cuz every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man :>
  • 1Padresfanip
  • Daltaffy
  • Alyssa's wither skeleton farm :3
  • Rhythmeen, what a great song!
  • Maine Coon Kitties!!

Other Fraccu Things

Fraccu redeeming his Diamond Kit while bathing in the lovely Sauna

"the biggest idiots on this planet are the ones who read the weird shit i write" - Fraccu

Fraccu often considers himself to be both serious and joking, and can adjust to situations where he needs to fit the criteria of one of those two roles. His best friend on MCO is likely 1Catnip or NevadaDream, but he doesnt pick favorites.... he has Mandy for that!

Traveled the FRS on the Oriental Line from spawn to Maltapple which took over 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Fraccu Redeemed his Diamond Kit on December 22nd 2022, and ofcourse logically redeemed it in his favorite place, the sauna!

Fraccu's favorite kitty kat :)

Fraccu is the owner of a few lovely floofs, but his favorite is his adorable tortoiseshell Mandy! She is energetic, sweet, loving, and extra fluffi, and she is also a great pillow to sleep on :D

Mandy being a silly goose :>