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green_towns.png Finland

View of Finland FinlandFlag.png The flag of Finland

Founder Brostrod
Contributors runarlogi NightSteak9 jriver_15 1235_John Drdrs
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-9928
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Finland is a small town in the middle of a forest with quite a few residents. It has many interesting landmarks and builds for you to visit!


After becoming bored on the server, Brostrod Decided to set out to build a small town in a forest. He decided to name it Finland for no particular reason, he just liked the country. He gathered a small group of players to travel with, to what they had planned to become Finland. Finland was soon after located, and the first house of Finland was built by jriver_15. Brostrod also built a small dock on the shore of the river next to Finland's central settlement. Finland soon began to expand, with multiple other notable members joining, including runarlogi and NightSteak9 who have both helped expand Finland. NightSteak has helped bring Finland out to the plains west of the central settlement, creating the Housing District of Finland. The government is a communitive aristocracy, as jriver_15 and Brostrod have said.

Districts of Finland

The Central District: The Central District is the core of Finland, hosting multiple player built houses and Finland government buildings. This area is also mainly built around the place where Finland was first founded, and where jriver_15 Built the First house of Finland.

The Housing District: A district with many small houses in the westward plains of Finland. Some things in the district include Brostrod's mansion and the original home of the kidnapped villagers.

KawaiiLogi District: Small district with KawaiiCorner06 and runarlogi's houses. Also has the Catgirl Cafe.

Industrial District: A district with many automatic farms owned by Drdrs. (WIP)

Scope of Finland

The scope of Finland and its builds are limited so as to remove ambiguity about what Operators of Finland have perms to and where citizens should build, as well as to limit any irrational claims of expansion. The scope can expand, however, with the introduction of new lines that enclose an area to expand to, usually after roads or other builds have been built in that area first. The operator expanding must do so rationally and, most importantly, get Auxiliary Concession of Perms from the owners for any builds within the proposed extension, even if such owners have already signed a general concession. Extension Lines should be named and marked by signs incrementally with the date of establishment and establisher documented. The following are the lines that, together, contain the entirety of the Scope of Finland:

  • Eclyptic Line: established December 3rd, 2020 by jriver_15. Marked by unbroken torch lines and cobble walls.
  • Democratic Line: established December 26th, 2020 by jriver_15. Marked by intermittent cobble wall posts and blocks.
  • Line of Labour: established January 1st, 2021 by 1235_John. Marked by unbroken line of cobble blocks.
  • Brick Line: established January 5th, 2021 by jriver _15. Market by torch line and brick blocks.

Cigar Sheep

One day, runarlogi found a gray sheep. Using a nametag, he renamed it to "legendary cigar sheep". The sheep ended up becoming Finland's one and (hopefully) only religion. Or maybe it's a cult I'm not too sure.

On 20th of April 2021, snakyman killed the 2 cigar sheep, ending the drama.


The players who operate Finland do so through Tiers that are stated and endowed by the Owners of Finland Board next to the portal. This Board is the source of this section. The decisions (eg. the decision to give someone else perms or to build or to demolish), policy, and perms of a Tier 1 OP overrule and overpower those of of a lower Tier. This fact is translated down for all successive levels, that is Tier 2 overrules T3 and up, Tier 3 overrules T4 and up, etc. Tiers 1-5 have full perms to operate within the scope of Finland, that is, add new citizens (after getting their signed concession), change any blocks, give others perms to change blocks etc. The unused Tier 6 is for players that are awarded specific perms to areas (listed by signs) by a higher Tier. If two players on the same Tier ever disagree with each other, a higher Tier will make a ruling. The list of owners/operators are as follows:

  • Brostrod - Tier 1
  • jriver_15 - Tier 2
  • 1235_John - Tier 3
  • Drdrs - Tier 4
  • runarlogi - Tier 5
  • NightSteak9 - Tier 5



Before a player can become a citizen of Finland, an OP must have them sign a book filled with the following text:

By signing this book, I agree to all current and future terms set by the Ownership of Finland. I also concede full and ultimate perms to my builds within Finland (scope of Finland defined by Ownership) to the ownership of Finland. Signed <insert current date here>

After a player has signed a concession and it has been properly stored, the OP must put their name on the citizenship board and oversee the new citizen as they find an area for their house. Please label your house as yours with a sign once you start building.


The following players have been registered as citizens of Finland and have perms to their respective houses as well as the wool over the chests in the storage room. Unless otherwise stated, all citizens have signed a Concession of Ownership to their builds of Finland to Ownership.

(*) Has signed Concession, but is also an Owner
(**) Relationship based on build agreement

Finland General Assembly

The Finland General Assembly (FGA) is a deliberative group made up of all citizens and owners with equal voting power that makes motions that govern Finland. Through parliamentary procedures, members may make statements, introduce motions, second motions, oppose motions, and vote on motions. Once a motion has made it through the procedure, it is passed into preferential Tier 3 force. The source of this authority comes from the bestowment of Tier 3 power to the FGA by jriver_15, a Tier 2 operator. The structure of the FGA is based off of that of the PopBob Sex Dupe Association. Meetings take place in the Finland Discord, but there is also an ingame meeting place in Finland near the portal. For more information, see the main page.