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nexus_cities.png Shackcity

Old Shackcity

Founder E6V
Contributors See residents
Category Cities
Public access? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=15710
Dimension Overworld
Map Link
< FuzbolMC> s tier is shackcity for sure
< podd> shackcity beats all

Shackcity is a city that lies in the far north region of Freedonia. The city consists of several small noob huts/shacks of varying “quality”.

Flag of Shackcity
Oldest known screenshot of Shackcity, by Azeur

The trip here is a hazardous one. From the original central region of Freedonia, awaits a boat ride on the high seas. Thereafter you will find yourself on a treacherous journey on foot through the harsh lands, before you find yourself on some green plains. There lies the town of Shackcity. Or you could use our brand new Nexus connection through North-East (Red) 3, by following the Shack Route or using the Lava Town line.

< NevadaDream> who tf built a chinese covid camp near shackcity

What is Shackcity?

Welcome to Shackcity! Shackcity is a city founded by E6V in the North-East part of the 1.12.2 map expansion. The original plan was to only build a small village in the style of the high density development of noob shacks just outside of the Spawn Wall and also the area around TheFabo's house following the German Invasion. So on the 20th of December 2021, Shackcity was founded. However, the village didn't gain notoriety until January of 2023 when the population exploded going from just 1 to over 30 residents in just a few days. On the first day (5th of January) more than half of the server was building shacks in Shackcity.

< TheDemetri> none of the admins know what shackcity even is
< E6V> shackcity is a tax haven


The mayor's role is mostly ceremonial but also to appoint ambassadors whose main task is to promote the city's relations internationally.

After a 2023 new years population boom, Shackcity has found itself quite prosperous with over 50 residents as of March 25th.

On the 7th day of the 7th month, ClassicRock became the 69th resident of Shackcity! l1npengtul became the 100th resident on the 20th of August, 2023.

List of residents:

and many more...

< HY_Turkic> I will sacrifice myself for Shackcity
< ClassicRock> am i resident 69


Shackcity was not easy to get to before the Nexus connection came since one of the reasons the location was chosen was it's remoteness. The primary mode of travel used to be by boat or moderator taxi.

  • The 1st connection for Shackcity was the nether portal and nether road established by DanThePilot02.
  • The 2nd connection was a boat route marked by E6V connecting Shackcity to Delta City on the mainland.
  • The 3rd was a road to the nearest borderlands hub, paved by E6V.
  • The 4th link for Shackcity was the Nexus pad given by doublehelix457 on the 5th of March, on the 3 month anniversary of the population boom.
  • The 5th link for Shackcity was a FRS station and rail built by Marmo_D and completed February 16th, 2024.
  • The 6th connection was a second boat route. On the day of E6V's 3 year anniversary on the server he connected the Mosaic Route to Shackcity.
  • The 7th link was the Alliance Line by the SCR team. Completed first of July, 2024.
< Alyssa41096> shack city getting a nexus is an insult to every town
< FuzbolMC> we should have all roads lead to shackcity


  • It took over a year for Shackcity to gain its first resident.
  • Shackcity has had many builds removed by Admins; DanThePilot02's diamond shack, Selimbits's statue and some shacks made by Caesena.
  • SadieSadie was banned after posting a screenshot of Shackcity for using an illegal minimap.
  • The first shack in Shackcity was sold for 12 diamond blocks to DinnerBear even though AdoreKitten offered 32 (She wanted to demolish the building).
  • The Church of the Shack in Shackcity was the primary location for E6V and Kendon's wedding before it moved on to Spawn.
  • On the 19th of July, goofy_man_lol traveled 30,000 blocks from New Gillamoor to Shackcity but died only 500 blocks from the city limits. He was then appointed Pope of the Shack religion. He would later try again with great success.
  • The city was nominated for "Most Outstanding Settlement" in the 2023 MCO Awards.
< HY_Turkic> english teacher gonna have a field day with shackcity lore
< E6V> i need shackcity lore for wiki


The Districts of Shackcity as of early 2023
  • Shackcity - The central island. Features an industrial area at the northern tip.
  • Shedfuckingcity - Looks like a POW camp.
  • Hut city - Amazing castles... made of dirt.
  • National park district - A national park (don't build here please).
  • Pyramid hill - Named after the pyramid.
  • Overwater bungalow city - Literally a singular (Now three bungalows) house on the water.
  • The suburbs - The Northern part of the city, characterised by a lower density of buildings and more greenery.
  • Government district - A district for government buildings.
  • Venetian district - A canal district.
  • Rathole City - New area in the South.
  • Wjeat district - Named after the district's first builder.
< E6V> shackcity does not recognise shedcity's independence
< AthenaDaMemelord> theres gonna be a shacktown civil war

Notable buildings

Shacks of slightly higher significance. Feel free to add to this list (only buildings that are actually interesting).

Government buildings

Personal Shacks


  • Newport Embassy
  • Cakeville Embassy (closed and demolished on April 11, 2024)
  • Lake Callian Embassy
  • Heese 69 Embassy
  • Forest Valley Embassy
  • Sandy Shades Embassy
  • Takadokian Embassy
  • E Town Embassy
  • Mihastopol Embassy
  • Doorland Embassy (with the Door Church)
  • Albourg Embassy
  • Buston Embassy
  • Swedish Embassy
  • Greek Embassy
  • Serbian Embassy
  • Timberforge Embassy
  • The Citadel Embassy
  • Austania Nova Embassy
  • Kanal Federation Embassy
  • StrangeVille Embassy
  • Minnesota City Embassy
  • CityTown Embassy


< MonkeSniper221> why is snakymen in my shack in shackcity
< Flip33r> Anna_28 epu stuff have been removed, want to build house in shacktown?


Feel free to add quotes from in-game to this list:

< snakyman> shackcity is one of mcos greatest and most respected and most beautiful cities
< EMG81> buying Shackcity for 10 billion diamond blocks
< FuzbolMC> shackcity is not a noob town tho
< Selimbits> shack city might be the most powerful nation on the server
< Toadally> shackcity #1
< NecropolisOfLove> If there is an embassy in Shackcity, waves of terrorist attacks will occur in the coming days.
< Xanpi3000> shackcity looks like Spawn on cocaine
< theschlozmeister> shackcity looks like a less unpleasant emucraft
< teaacup> We should nuke shackcity from orbit
< Egitto> Shackcity really sucks
< doublehelix457> lets take a look at shackcity
< ScarClaw72> Shackcity is a shitpost
< podd> join shackcity
< FuzbolMC> going to shackcity for the first time is like finding porn for the first time
< NevadaDream> Shackcity is based
< AdoreKitten> shackcity is silly lol
< Azeur> Anna_28 does shackcity need a nexus
< Flip33r> shackcity is a tax haven
< _WizardDev_> can i get trialed for griefing shackcity 
< laootr_> E6V I'm removing my shack from shackcity 
< Mihayrus> shackcity looks amazing
< jffmvortex> shackcity is so beatiful and epic i wish it was real!!1 so cool.
< goofy_man_lol> who put a fucking chicken in my shackcity house named silly
< JoshyOnMC> Didn’t ev6 buy shackcity
< snakymen> bro im in bustus fuck sexo shack city
< Clomik> no but shack city sucks
< N_Jareau> shack city looks like a bad builder and an abstract artist attempted to make a city
< Dianthia_> I thought dead killed shackcity
< snakyman> why is shackcity actually actyive lol 
< fluffythebunnyx> advanced squatter situation in shackcity xd
< Anna_28> a city of shacks
< CervicalCanal> ah shackcity is a grower not a shower  
< SiOtter> shackcity is a nice city
< snakyman> how is shackcity still funcioning 
< vini55505> Everything is wrong in shackcity 
< red_sporb> damn i flew into a lava river at shackcity 
< Gimli016> shackcity is funny 
< laootr_> god I hate shackcity
< Korbs699> blud is in shackcity
< poddcast> i hope shackcity bruns to dust
< Korbs699> CRACKCITY 
< FudgeMonster28> anyone live in Shack City? i kinda wanna live here now
< ScarClaw72> Everybody wants to escape shack city :D 
< Azeur> anyone caught not voting for shack city will be castrated


Some pictures of Shackcity:

< Fraccu> shackcity is beautiful
< Kendon> shackcity is pure art

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