HyperRoute 10

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green_infrastructure.png HyperRoute 10
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal getplayerhead.sh?Jibletz&16.png Jibletz getplayerhead.sh?VeryDairyman&16.png VeryDairyman getplayerhead.sh?Netrom5&16.png Netrom5 getplayerhead.sh?golumisbad&16.png golumisbad getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft- Leah helped with old route that is now deleted getplayerhead.sh?0w3n&16.png 0w3n
Category Infrastructure
Public? Yes
Started November 21, 2019
Completed November 16,2020-Split project of HyperRoute 15
Coordinates X=-10352
Dimension Overworld
Map link

HyperRoute 10 is a partially built and repurposed HyperRoute of HyperRoute 15. It serves as a means of travel between the Southwestern and Western cities of Newport, New Poitiers, Woodbury, Humble Colonist Cottage, Tarigoul, Meridian City, Jibtopia and it's surrounding towns, as well as Las Vereno. The newest section of the road was built by getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 and getplayerhead.sh?0w3n&16.png 0w3n in November 2020, making use of cobblestone slabs instead of cobblestone blocks and runs from Woodbury to roughly 1500 blocks west of New Poitiers.


Southern Terminus-getplayerhead.sh?ChivalricCode&16.png ChivalricCode's Road/New Poitiers- Complete
Exit 1- Woodbury- Complete
Exit 2- West Port City- Complete
Exit 3- Woodbury Northern Entrance- Complete
Humble Colonist Cottage (Junction Only)
Exit 4- ReverseDimitry Memorial Hwy-Tarigoul- Complete
Exit 5- Double Helix Hwy- Meridan City- Complete
Several Junctions- Jibtopia- getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 will be leaving the server before getplayerhead.sh?Jibletz&16.png Jibletz can connect the road together. getplayerhead.sh?Jibletz&16.png Jibletz plans to connect his town to the HyperRoute in coming months.
Junction 1- Kyrza- Complete
Junction 2-Treetown- Complete
Junction 3- Autonomous State of Åssia-Directional Signs Only/Complete
Junction 4- New Quebec- Complete
Junction 5- HyperRoute 5- Complete
1.7.10 World Border

Left Map of HyperRoute 10 (as of December 4 ,2020)