Lake Callian Region

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green_settlements.png Lake Callian Region

The Lake Callian Region (Nov. 2022)

Founder JCobbler2012
Contributors BoneSlasher96 podd Raterft Cosmic_potato_04 JimyHendricks NedHuman MSWindows Korbs699 alexa_29
and many MANY more...
Category Settlements
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Depends on the Settlement
Size north to south 512m
Size west to east 575m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-15000
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Lake Callian Region is a large area in the northwest quadrant of the map created by JCobbler2012 in August 2021.

Basic Info

The Lake Callian Region itself is made up of several other settlements build next to the designated lake area. These cities have been build by residents or friends of JCobbler2012, some have also been co-founded by him. The following settlements include:

Lake Callian

Founded by JCobbler2012 and BoneSlasher96 in August 2021, Lake Callian became the heart of the region after more then a year of development. Many well known players of MinecraftOnline contributed to this settlement one way or another.

Burgeon City

Founded by podd and JCobbler2012, Burgeon City is the first sister settlement of Lake Callian. It was founded in late January, 2022. Burgeon City is industrial heavy, focusing primarily to produce resources for the local area and beyond. Burgeon is split between two regions, Burgeon Prime and West Burgeon.

Port Beerian

Another sister settlement of both Lake Callian and Burgeon City. Port Beerian was founded by Cosmic_potato_04, along with supervision by podd and JCobbler2012 in March 2022. It is home to The Iron Mall, the latest Diamond Mall-like building. It too also has its own Nexus (Northwest Purple 1).

Sinar Tempora

A small sister settlement of Lake Callian. Sinar Tempora was founded by Korbs699 in January, 2022. This saved some guy named Stewart from off-ing himself according to verydairyman. It is the home of Wheatlantis and Sinar Central.

Friendship Avenue

Friendship Avenue serves as a permanent pit stop between Burgeon City and Mount Pespla. Although no specific founder was clearly identified, Anubis773 said that Roostery was the one who built the path between the two settlements. It is also home of Sunny Meadows, a specific district inside of Friendship Avenue.

Sergei Fortress

A solo project started by JimyHendricks in July 2022. Sergei Fortress is a medieval themed settlement located west of Port Beerian.

Other/Related Settlements


Inimir is considered an unofficial outpost to the LCR. Originally founded by snakyman and verydairyman, it was originally the capital HQ to the Angry Society and the League of Angry Towns and Settlements. JCobbler2012 bought the settlement on July 30, 2022. It would later be put in the Newport Empire as an exclave.


Notable Players
Lake Callian Burgeon City Friendship Avenue Port Beerian Sinar Tempora Sergei Fortress