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User catman4592

Ugly Mug

Known as cat, catman, pretzie, pretz
Gender Male
Location The Universe
Nationality America
DOB 2002-24-8
Occupation Broke Bastard
In Freedonia
First joined 16 July 2015
First building Cobble Hut
Donor level * Donor
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
View profile and statistics Flip33r: pretzie4592 looks so hot pretzie4592: why thank you darling Luigifan100: pretzie4592 is a cool dude

Flip33r: <3

Flip33r: wtf? DUDE?

pretzie4592: HA HA HA

pretzie4592: DID YOU THINK

Flip33r: okay, nobody seen anything

About Him

Friendly, mostly cheery, and happy to help, former moderator catman4592 is a good guy to get to know. A bonus of knowing him is the safety in the fact that after killing your for your head he will never kill you again unless you are AFK and/or in his way. He also is known for giving out items from his donor kits to people he really likes. He enjoys his new position as a mod and treats it with the utmost importance.

My Story

2015: In the Beginning catman4592 joined Freedonia on June 16th, 2015. One of his first friends was Reseres. To start off on his long trek to conquer Freedonia, he built a crappy cobble house and lived in it for a while. After finally getting settled down to start mining, Reseres teleported to him and said that he should move further away from Spawn, as there were no ores to find around Spawn. He said yes, and Reseres transported him to a jungle.

It was around this time when he met a new player named Cabrerabadboy, joining Freedonia for the first time. After Cabrerabadboy got settled down he asked catman4592 if he wanted to team with him. Cat said yes, and they started to mine for iron. After they got a large supply of iron from a ravine, catman4592 went offline for a few weeks and, during this time, Cabrerabadboy was struck by the banhammer. Shortly afterward, he decided to change his walls from cobblestone to brick and generally making his house nicer. Then he met feb1980 and soon he and feb1980 became friends and made a secondary house together. He and feb1980 decided to go to a server to cool off from making the house, and catman4592 kicked his butt at the racing minigame. ;) After coming back to MCO, they finished the house and have been living in it ever since.

2016: A New Start

He now enjoys running around Spawn and finding griefs to /greport. He has now donated for the first time, and he wants to continue to do so. He strives to be as helpful as possible.

2017: Switching Over catman4592 is now a proud aether donor and managed to be (somehow) the only one out of two people to get a Nintendo Switch on the release date in his town. Zelda is goals. He is having a ton of fun with the new Sonic game, Sonic Mania, and is highly anticipating the new Mario game. He is also moving into high school this year.

2017.5: Relocating

In June of 2017, the middle of the year, catman4592 woke up to shocking news that one of his friends Scobe had been banned for griefing at Batugus Labs. Depressed at the fact that he had lost a new MCO friend and his new town to the banhammer (though he deserved it), catman4592 wandered back to his house and finally broke ground on plans to build a head hallway in his disused mineshaft (he stopped using it when he made the larger Quarry). A ray of light was beginning to shine on the horizon, however. A new player named Wulf_359 had joined 3 days before Scobe was banned. While he didn't know it at the time, catman4592 and this new player would, in a month's time, become townmates and eventual builder buddies, as Wulf soon became the sole owner of Spring City after the other co-owner Bloodybather got banned for using an alternate account to fly on MCO. Now he mostly spends his time in Spring City building things and can most commonly be found helping Wulf_359 build new buildings and the like within Spring City.

2018: Return

The new year of being a freshman has taken a toll on young catman4592. He took a break from MinecraftOnline due to rough times in life but has not had the time to visit in a while. He misses the server greatly but is looking forward to his journey to Gatlinburg, Tennessee here soon. He has recently returned to the server and plans to stay for a while.


He has recently returned (again) after a long period of absence due to being burnt out from Minecraft and having a painful sophomore year. He wants to finish his head hallways and now wants to add heads to his "killed players" head hallway at any cost, even if he has to bribe his victim into losing their heads.

2023: Fresh Start

Three years into the new decade, a recently-graduated-from-high-school catman4592 has returned and is more inclined to remain due to finally being free from the shackles of school. He had graduated in 2021 and took all of 2022 off to de-stress from the crippling mental issues that had cropped up from his years in torture hell school. Now in 2023, he hopes to learn how to drive so that he may get jobs working as a delivery driver due to his lack of tolerance for other human beings. He currently as of writing (1/23/23) also has a messed up /firstseen claiming he first joined the server in 2022 with his current username ( pretzie4592) despite still being a legacy donor. It is very amusing to him, though he is also told it will be fixed, which is good.

He spends most of his time on the server making new friends, annoying people, and trying to have a good time going on adventures seeing how the server has changed since he was last really active around 2017-18. He is also available as a handyman to help with building things. Hit him up if you want help building a structure. Just don’t get mad at him if he messes up.

He renamed to StardustSparkler in February.



  • Nice People
  • Building Things
  • Seeing all the cool buildings that people have built.
  • MinecraftOnline
  • Chatting with people
  • Jeering at people's mistakes
  • Eating Cake
  • Helping people
  • Killing people
  • Spending his time in Spring City and helping Wulf_359 build things
  • Going on adventures! (Adventure Time?)
  • Trolling people with Skins he wears


  • CAKE!!!!
  • CATS!!!!
  • Decapitating people! Will give you his head if he gets yours in return!


  • People asking for op as soon as they join.
  • Angry People
  • Constantly having to run to mass resource locations like Iron Reef to get food.
  • People who abuse the s/ command.
  • Griefers.
  • Hackers.
  • People with better PVP skills than he has.
  • People who swear too much to the point of being obnoxious and rude.
  • Large groups of griefers and/or hackers who join under the impression that the server is like 2b2t.
  • People who make a language-related excuse when accused of griefing.

Initiated Projects

  • Hallway of Heads
  • Writing Books ingame

Finished Projects

  • Cobble Hut (now made out of Bricks)
  • Bedrock Mine
  • Wheat Farm
  • Tree Farm
  • Animal Farm
  • Quarry
  • Quarry Mines
  • Private Gallery
  • Snowman Base at Cakeville
  • Study in Snowman Base where he writes guidebooks for himself (and others, potentially, someday!)

To-Be-Started Projects

  • Nothing yet!

Projects that will never see the light of day

  • StoneHenge
  • Hotel
  • CakeVille (My town, not the actual Cakeville)


Pictures and things of what I've been up to in a nice little portfolio.

catman poses next to his latest and greatest creation.

Favorite Quotes from Griefers

"what a loser" Zizikz (alt of zwazi, who was banned for TRYING TO BURN DOWN A SCHOOL WITH LAVA.)


  • This is cat's 30th wiki edit. He loves to edit things!