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User bcMineOut
Known as bcMineOut
Gender Male
Location Phoenix, AZ, USA
Nationality American
In Freedonia
First joined 11 March 2019
First building bcMineOut's Arboretum
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Obsidian
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Basic Bio

bcMineOut has spent the majority of his MC life running private SMP servers for friends and family. In early March 2019 he was watching a video about the "Oldest Minecraft Server" still online and figured it might be fun to checkout and actually try a public server for once. Which brings us to here.

After a few days of doing the tourist thing he decided to make a home and leave his mark for posterity. After a couple of failed /wilderness attempts he found a great little island on the edge of a frozen biome and built his home, the Arboretum. A place that keeps the entrance to his working mine, a small farm, a curated collection of all of the tree types and his pet cow Moolie. This is a private home with no public access and is posted as such around the base of the wall surrounding the home.

Next order of affairs was to make a proper build.

In the ice just outside of his home he built the icebound sailing ship the S.S. Prometheus (named after the expedition ship from the book Frankenstein). Some work still needs done on the holds of the ship and he is still pondering trapping the Frankenstein monster in the ship if he can ever catch him.

After discovering that his home was relatively near the "bad chunk" a narrative emerged that this local might actually be a good place for other stranded ships that ended up in this word via the bad chunk as some kind of dimensional vortex. Additional ship builds are being planned for this ice lake.


The Arboretum

bcMineOut's first home on in MCO. Located next to the S.S. Prometheus and near the shore of Abandon.

S.S. Prometheus

An ice-bound ship beached near the shores of Abandon.

The Town of Abandon

To support this evolving narrative it was decided that a town probably needed to be built for survivors of the trapped ships, which lead to the founding of Abandon. At this point the town is a personal build consisting of a church, town-hall, fountain, lighthouse and reed/vine farms. Given the nearness of the Freedonia Railway System sky bridge permission to add an off-ramp to Abandon was requested to Anna_28 who blessed the footpath but noted it was a public path so connecting was ok without the blessing. At some point the town may be opened up to the public for other residents. A personal thank-you goes to Rufas for helping with Glowstone to complete the FRS off-ramp path.

Adjacent to Abandon is an ancient abandoned temple and the homes of a long lost race of indigenous peoples. Not much is know about these people and archaeological work is being conducted to develop their history. Structures are being restored to their former glory as time permits based on historical research of the long gone inhabitants.

The Upsidaisy Horse Farm

Located out in the May 31st, 2020 expanded map area in a Plaines biome rich with life. Horses are collected here on the hopes of one day being able to bring them back to town or providing a horse breading operation once horses are more usable as a source of transportation in the world.

The Upsidaisy Ranch

Encompassing the peninsula where the Horse farm resides, this Plains biome ranch and adjacent Extreme Hills biome area are being developed as an agricultural and natural preserve location in the shadow of the smoldering caldera of the volcano, Mt Doomish.

Mt Doomish

The remains of a great volcano of which all that remains is a lava bubbling caldera.

Nether Castle of Death

A castle above the roof of the Nether emanating a dark and evil aura. There is a suspicion that this castle is somehow related to Mt. Doomish due to it's co-ordinate relationship with Mt. Doomish. Public access to the internals of the structure were made available via a lift button just off the path from the Mt. Doomish portal as you head towards the NHS. It's name is derived from the fact that within 30 minutes of being present within the structure causes 20-30 Zombie Pigmen (along with an occasional Ghast) to spawn within it's halls creating a very deadly environment for visitors. Visitors are welcome but safety is not guaranteed. There are two entrances at this time. The roof entry point is accessible by lift from the hall connecting the NHS road to Mt. Doomish (this also serves as an exit), and via a one-way door on the roof.

MCO 10th Anniversary Statue Competition

On Plot 18 near the BirthdayCake, a statue was built of user RuneChan standing over a symbolic image of Spawn and above her is a night sky of stars. The placard reads "RuneChan said 'Let there be Spawn!' and it was good".

Claimed / Modified, Generated Natural Structures

Mt. Doomish Mountain Range

The Extreme Hills biome containing the remnants of a once gigantic volcano have been claimed to be preserved as a natural wonder. At this time a viewing post has been established just above the smoldering caldera. This platform holds the Nether Portal for travel to and from the nearby ranch.

Upsidaisy Mines

Underneath the peninsula of Upsidaisy Ranch/Mt. Doomish was found the the largest naturally spawned mine systems bcMineOut had ever encountered. While mining efforts continue it took weeks to explore the known areas. In this time double chests of oak planks and fence posts each have been collected, not to mention the sizable amount of surface ores including nearly a chest of coal have been harvested from this rich mine system.

Mt. Doomish Nether Fortress

On the other side of the Mt. Doomish Nether portal lies a massive and extensive generated Nether Fortress. Much of the fortress structure was buried within the Netherack and had to be excavated to discover hints to its massive scale in size. In 2021 the structure became fully accessible due to map expansion and two blaze spawners were discovered. These spawners have been encased in wool for the time being while a farming structure can be built to house them. Additionally extensive renovation has been done to expand the fortress and integrate it into the NHS road that links the NHS main route and Newport as well as a smaller adjacent fortress structure and the Nether Castle of Death mentioned above. At this point the fortress system is about 40%/60% player/generated, but that will change as renovations proceed.

Unnamed village

Yet to be named village on the SW edge of the map in the new chunks added in 2021. Currently it is walled off and marked private.

Other Residences

bcMineOut maintains a condo in Newport in the Penis Tower, although he's not really happy with the building owners choice in naming for the structure, it's a nice place with a lovely roof garden.

The Struggle

When not struggling with creative blockage bcMineOut spends his time mining out a wide range of area beneath the town to collect building materials and precious minerals. Sadly he discovered that this homestead was too old to have naturally spawning Emeralds to use with villagers so he's always looking for trades.

He's also been known to randomly gift construction materials to public works projects on a whim.

Public Contributions

  • Providing an eyewitness to the final failed ban appeal from Githis. Such drama! It was quite emotional. Especially for someone who had been considered literally deceased in RL prior to his re-emergence in chat weeks earlier.
  • Writing up the un-official Mob Spawner/Grinder usage guidlines to help players hopefully avoid the wrath of the Admins. "On a personal note I felt the Admins have been unnecessarily difficult in providing guidance on this topic but I am sympathetic to their concerns. It's probably a loose/loose situation no matter what anyone does but my hopes are the suggestions I developed provide some anxiety relief for everyone."
  • Built out the Invasions category/template for the wiki after the FIT Invasion when it was discovered that this type of history was not being indexed well. Also worked on cleaning up older invasion pages which included tracking down images such as YouTube thumbnails.
  • Initiated "The great user page fix-up." across the Wiki user pages. The goal is to add/update the User Template for every user page, adding and standardizing first joined date to the format on the MCO profiles page, and also update donor status. This is starting as a manual effort but there is a hope to implement automation to complete the task.

Personal Artifacts

bcMineOut is very mindful of the personal artifacts he has shared with the other residents of Freedonia. To that end those artificats are documented below with highly useless errata:

  • EastDakota - 3 personal Reputation Cookies for a trade - April 20, 2019
  • Scampi_ - 1 head by Scampi_ using "Pumpkin Carving Contest" for The Vaults of Zin - April 29, 2019
  • Scampi_ - 1 personal Reputation Cookie for The Vaults of Zin - April 29, 2019
  • banneduser - 2 heads (in e-chest) by greifer/troll attacking players at spawn. One of them was collected due to death by friendly fire from ReverseDmitry - May 28, 2019
  • KingServal - 1 personal Reputation Cookies for a trade/gift - May 28, 2019
  • WaffleNomster - 1 head by WaffleNomster using "Armadyl godsword" for his private collection - May 30, 2019
  • YoshiPWN - 1 head by surprise troll attack while working on public farm - 11 Jun 2019
  • jimmyd93 - 1 head by one-hit surprise troll attack at WaffleNomster's house - 11 Jun 2019
  • Darkerfly - 1 head, this guy breached the wall of my home with a pearl and murdered me - 31 May 2020