Fort Chuwu

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green_complexes.png Fort Chuwu
Fort Chuwu Center Complete.png
Founder Chewy27_
Contributors AdoreKitten, ibxtoydog, Krenath, Erttum, Eclypto18, Anna_28, helpimdeadinside, SadieSadie, LewisD95, 1235_John, bucketsofwasps, Ted1246, Zomon333, CataclysmicBees, IdaDood, SanityBGon, DaataFX
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? With Permission from Chewy27_
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-13700
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Island Founding

Fort Chuwu is a stone fortress built on a mushroom island, the original plan was to create large stone brick walls around the edge of the island and fill the inside with farms. This plan was disrupted by a conflict between Chewy27_ and Flamehaze97.

Soon after the island was first generated in a map expansion, Chewy27_ found it on the map and travelled on foot and by boat from Project Moon all the way to the island to put down chests and set up a small base to show he had plans to use the island.

Around the same time, Flamehaze97 and Beeraeka set up a wikipage for something they wanted to build on the island, despite not having been to it themselves.

This created a conflict between the two parties on how the island would be divided, but it shortly came to an agreement that Flamehaze97 and Beeraeka would get the west end of the mushroom island and turn it into a port town, while Chewy27_ would get the east part of the mushroom biome and create a more enclosed structure that would not encase the whole island. Later on, Flamehaze97 would give Chewy27_ permissions to the entire island as their project had been cancelled.

First Structure - Main Fortress

The first building to be created in Fort Chuwu was the Central Hub. At the time of building, this was intended to be Chewy27_'s Base but has now become the center hub for the entire settlement. The majority of the central building itself is empty, the main purpose of the building is to provide an entrance to the underground mall directly below it.

The Underground mall contains 72 large rooms that could easily fit 2 or 3 shops from diamond mall in each. These rooms are designed in a way that lets shop owners create farms on the surface and transport items down to the shops through water streams and hopper lines to automatically restock their shops.

Currently there is an automatic wood shop on the top floor, and an auto stone farm has been made but not linked to the mall.

Second Structure - Inner Walls and Grinder Boxes

The second part of Fort Chuwu, is the Inner walls that surround most of the island (This came after Flamehaze97 and Beeraeka's project had been cancelled). Within these walls, the "Grinder Boxes" that are used to house farms were made.

Third Structure - Overseer's Tower

The third structure to be built was originally a joke that Zomon333 pulled on Chewy27_ after he asked for help with building the many stone brick boxes within the walls. Zomon333 created a giant Stone brick box that went to Y = 196. Chewy27_ then decided that it was a good place for his own chestrooms and personal storage to go. The Tower was then carved to the correct shape, and had elevator shafts and a control center added.

Fourth Structure - Stocean

The Final main structure to be built around Fort Chuwu, is the town known as Stocean. This 600m wide platform of stone in the ocean with walls surrounding it is the biggest part of the project. The roads and streets in Stocean have been completed, but only the South East Quadrant has plots for houses. Despite that, on 7/01/2023, Stocean gained its first resident: Ryaustonia.

The name Stocean comes from the words Stone, and Ocean. The name was decided on after Anna_28 built a cobblestone shark, with a sign that reads "Cobblestone shark in the stocean (stone ocean)".

Getting to Fort Chuwu

Currently, Fort Chuwu does not have a nexus connection. There are pads set up for it within the mall, but no admin has linked them up to the nexus. Instead, Fort Chuwu has a railway to the Nexus Southeast 2 borderlands hub.

Timeline/Building Updates

Fort Chuwu (Formerly known as Fort Chew) is a Project started by Chewy27_ to fortify a Mushroom Island, As the Project has only just started, there is not much of it visible on the map. Eventually, this project will involve creating a fortified wall on the island, and making a large fortress structure on the highest hill, the rest of the island will be a small village where players can claim houses. After conflicting wiki pages for the island were dealt with. Chewy27_ and Flamehaze97 agreed to share the island. so the planned coastal wall around the island would now be moved inland to make room for a port built by Flamehaze97 and Beeraeka.

The Main Walls were started in June of 2020 and completed on the 13th of June, with the help of Krenath and Anna_28.

On the 16th of June 2020, Krenath dug a hole to bedrock under the building, which will later be used for Chewy27_'s Main Storage Vault, Home, Smelter and more.

One of the uppermost floors will be a shrine dedicated to Krenath and other God donors that have helped Chewy27_ in the past. with a spot for a sacrifice to the gods where a PVP platform will be used to send unworthy souls to the depths of the pit.

on the 5th of July 2020, the main walls and floor on the inside of the base were completed and the floors between were started, this was done by Chewy27_ and helpimdeadinside.

On the 6th and 7th of July 2020, Ted1246, helpimdeadinside, bucketsofwasps and Chewy27_ built the first 3 floors and the Dividing walls inside the hole.

On October 14th, 2020, Flamehaze97 talked with Beeraeka asking if he still wanted to build Shroom Port City. Beer decided to cancel the project and gave Knighthood to Flame in return (See Bedrocco Empire). Flame decided to use one of her mycelium blocks and her few mushrooms to build a monument of the Shroom Port City project and the cancelation rather than walking several thousand blocks to get there.

A map of Fort Chuwu

On the 10th of February 2021. Chewy27_ completed the construction of an Outer wall around the island.

On the 16th of March 2021, Eclypto18 helped flatten a large portion of the remaining hills after ibxtoydog and Chewy27_ flattened more than half of the hills between the walls in the weeks before. SenatorApple also helped place dirt later that day. As this was happening Zomon333 was doing interesting things around the island after his recent promotion to admin. This includes but is not limited to: spawning rainbow sheep in the center, replacing stone with cake, replacing air with cake, and replacing cake with cake.

On the 22nd of March 2021, LewisD95 decided to repopulate the island with Mushroom Cows. Once ibxtoydog had slaughtered them, LewisD95 was given a room in the center mall area. The first thing to be built in the room aside from cake and a sign was a contraption that struck whatever player stood in it with an excessive amount of lightning bolts. unfortunately, Chewy27_'s attempts to get an unusual or interesting death message from the contraption resulted in a failure as dying by lightning shows the same death message as dying by fire.

on the 23rd of March 2021, Erttum started to help dig out the area, and 1235_John helped fill in the central wall. The same day, Chewy27_ began to remove "The Hill of Pain and Suffering" which had caused trouble when building the central wall

On the 16th of April 2021 Chewy27_ started to build the surface level rooms of the main structure.

During October 2022, Chewy27_, with the help of AdoreKitten started construction of the outer layer of Fort Chuwu known as Stocean.