The Crusaders

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Organisations The Crusaders of MCO
Leadership KingServal, Raflamar, and Unkle_Genny
Headquarters The Town of Life
Founded May 23, 2019
Public? No

The Crusaders is an organization founded by KingServal. The group has around 55 members, though many are inactive.

The Crusaders have numerous bases all around Freedonia, however their headquarters is located at The Town of Life, a settlement built as a sort of "shelter from the storm" for new players that arrive during invasion with the intent of sticking around and becoming a part of the server's community. It is currently incomplete, as while many buildings are fully built, many more are planned, The large palace that serves as the focal point of the town is about halfway done.

Purpose & History

The Crusaders were initially created to mitigate the effects of Invasions. It was founded on May 23, 2019 in reaction to the FIT Invasion. Its founder, KingServal was sick of all the noobs coming in griefing, causing a ruckus, and much more. He created the Discord and got things rolling from there with help from Raflamar. Unkle_Genny was among the first players to join, and after building a beautiful hidden base in celebration of the group's history many months later, was offered a leadership position, which he graciously accepted.

Around the time of April 2020, after the second Fit Invasion, Unkle and his fellow staff members began to discuss the actions taken by the Crusaders during the invasion, particularly how they were negatively effecting the efforts put forth by the staff team in order to handle the massive influx of new players, actions which were especially spearheaded by newer recruits among the Crusaders at the time. This caused Unkle to reflect on the past efforts of the Crusaders and whether or not they were actually doing any good. He came to the conclusion that the current purpose of the Crusaders, to slaughter new players as a crude form of "grief prevention", was misguided, and ultimately hurt the server more than it helped it. And so, he sought a reform.

With support from his fellow leaders, Unkle has shifted the goals of the Crusaders towards generating a much more positive impact. Instead of slaughtering new players without any question as to their intentions, the group would focus instead on watching for new players with good intentions, actively seeking out and aiding said players, and as an end goal, encouraging their induction into the server's regular player population.

As of present day, the main goals of the Crusaders are:

  1. To protect and assist new players that join the server during server invasions or that join as a part of a server invasion.
  2. To continue to assist new players after a server invasion has died down, in hopes of encouraging them to stick around and become new regulars within the server's population.

Due to the spontaneity with which server invasions occur, the Crusaders as a group(not its members as players, but its members as members) are often inactive outside of said events and the weeks that follow. Upon the start of a server invasion, all members of the group are called upon through the group's Discord to join the server and start working to fulfill the aforementioned goals of the group.

Recruitment and Ranks

Initiates and New Members

Should a regular player be observed to be contributing to the development of new regular players during a server invasion, the Leaders of the Crusaders will discuss their recruitment. If they come to a two-thirds agreement that the player in question would be of great contribution to the group's goals, they will be contacted directly for recruitment. If they accept, they will be invited to the Discord and be given the temporary rank of Initiate. This rank signifies that they have been chosen for and accepted recruitment, but have yet to be properly recruited. As an Initiate, they will have access to a special channel within the Discord in which they can communicate with other Initiates, the Leaders, and the Ceremonial Headsman for the purposes of scheduling a date and time for their official recruitment ceremony. New members are freshly joined players who help in the cause.

Crusader of The First Order

Once recruited, a player is officially recognized as a Crusader, and are given access to the communication and planning channels within the Discord. The recruitment procedure differs depending on when an Initiate accepts recruitment:

  • If an Initiate accepts recruitment during the initial week of an invasion, they will be immediately recruited informally through the Discord. This is done in order to expedite them to the rank of Crusader so they have immediate access to the communication channels on the group's Discord for use during the ongoing invasion. After the invasion has ended, all Initiates are to take part in an official recruitment ceremony, during which they are to recite a statement of acknowledgement of the Crusader's goals, as well as have their player head taken from them via beheading so that it may be placed within a special room that contains the head of every Crusader, past and present. After this ceremony - in which all three Leaders are present - their place as a Crusader is officiated.
  • If an Initiate accepts recruitment after the initial week of an invasion, the final days of an invasion, or after the end of an invasion, they will take part in the same official recruitment ceremony - as stated in the prior recruitment procedure - as soon as possible.

The "of The First Order" part of a Crusader's full rank title signifies the initial invasion in which they had taken part in order to be chosen for recruitment.

Ceremonial Headsman

The Ceremonial Headsman is a rank bestowed upon one player as of present, that being TheDemetri. The Ceremonial Headsman has a special role in that they are the person whom beheads the Initiates at the end of recruitment ceremonies. They brandish a special ceremonial sword, and their presence is required at every recruitment ceremony. They also have special access to the Leaders' discussion channel within the Discord, where they may provide their input on the plans and ideas of the Leaders, as well as propose ideas and plans of their own if they should feel obliged. However, their say is not nearly as powerful as that of the Leaders themselves.

Crusaders may be granted this rank in the event that any of the other Ceremonial Headsmen are not available during a certain duration of time to be present for a recruitment ceremony. Usually, Crusaders that have been an active part of the group for a long time, and have at least two raids under their belt, are selected for the Headsmen position.

Participation/Event-Specific Ranks

Crusaders may be granted further ranks based on their presence during invasions. For each invasion in which they are proved to have been active in mobilization with other Crusaders, they are granted a special title rank that celebrates their efforts. These ranks do not grant them very much in terms of access and powers, however, their input on plans and ideas that the Leaders have seen fit to present for discussion to the group as a whole will be given slightly more attention than those of other Crusaders of lower ranks, due to the experience that is required for possessing such ranks.

To signify Crusaders of differing numbers of Participation Ranks from one another, the initial full name of their prior rank, "Crusader of the First Order", will be changed to reflect the number of invasions they have participated in. The word First will be swapped out for anywhere from Second - for one participation rank - to Third, Fourth, Fifth, or even Sixth and up(for two, three, four, five, or six participation ranks).

For example, if Unkle were a regular Crusader, he would have the rank of "Crusader of the Fifth Order", as he has participated in five server invasions, the first of which being the original FIT Invasion.

Regular Crusaders AntVenom Invasion

2nd Fit Invasion (April 4, 2020)


Should a Crusader construct a base or monument of any sort for the group, and contact the Leaders to have it approved and made official, the Crusader will be granted the rank of Architect. This rank merely recognizes their contributions to the group's history and presence on the server in the form of a physical build made in the group's name. In order for a build to be approved, it must be at least decently well made - has to look alright, if not good, in layman's terms - and have an aspect of functionality. If a build is incredibly well-made, but has little to no functionality, then it may qualify for approval based solely on its grandeur and the effort made by the builder. For a build to be deemed "functional", it must:

  • Provide some sort of service to the players of the server, like an XP grinder, a public food or resource farm, a shop, or a rest stop with things like furnaces, brewing stands, enchanting stations, and/or an enderchest.
  • Be within a short distance of a publicly-accessible warp or Nexus hub location. Bonus points if the build is mostly visible from said warp or Nexus.

Fallen Crusader

Fallen Crusader is the rank given to Crusaders who have been banned. Warnings from staff members do not have any effect on a Crusader's status once they have been recruited, however, warnings prior to having been contacted for recruitment by the Leaders may influence whether or they decide to contact a player. This rank replaces the player's prior Crusader rank unless that rank is reinstated by the Leaders. The abilities of Fallen Crusaders are determined on a per-player basis by the Leaders. If a Fallen Crusader's experience is deemed to be great enough - and their willingness to help great enough - that they could be kept around in the group's Discord for their input on plans and ideas, then the Leaders may decide to do just that. If this is not the case, a Fallen Crusader is most likely to be removed from the Discord entirely. Fallen Crusaders that are unbanned, such as snakyman, do not lose their Fallen Crusader rank. They may be welcomed back into the Crusaders, reinstated their original Crusader rank, allowed to participate in Crusader plans and operations, and/or welcomed at recruitment ceremonies at the discretion of the Leaders, but their Fallen Crusader rank shall remain with them for the extent of their duration as a member of the Crusaders.


There are currently three leaders of the Crusaders:

The Leaders of the Crusaders handle all initial recruitment proceedings, head every recruitment ceremony, officiate any and all group-wide plans, and do their best to contribute to the group's overall efforts during invasions via coordination and communication. They also approve builds created under the name of the Crusaders, granting the Architect rank to the builders, and handle all other rank promotions.