Password Chest Hunt

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Games Password Chest Hunt
Inventor chivalrousWeasel, Anna_28
# of Players Multiple
Public? Yes
Location Specific? Yes
Availability Ongoing

These chests contain valuable goods and unique items. They are locked with LWC and the password consists of words written on signs hidden around Freedonia.

Once a all the words are found, the player is able to open the chest with /lwc -u <password> and take the contents. Often once someone solves a chest they will replace the contents with new (slightly less valuable) items for the next person.

Weasel's Cache

Made by chivalrousWeasel on 29/03/2015

Weasel's Cache at Spawn by Bow Bridge


  1. Maybe you should use a boat for this one.
  2. Living in style in a world after the end.
  3. It's the second option.
  4. Ever vigilant


Silly Chest

Made by Anna_28 on 03/09/2020

The Silly Chest by spawn lake


  1. Wyvern's grandest
  2. Phonetic disaster
  3. World love
  4. Palindromic viewer


Smart Chest

Made by Beeraeka on 15/09/2020. This chest is a cousin of the Silly Chest.

The Smart Chest by Spawn


  1. World Love
  2. Working by itself
  3. Vegas Milkman Country
  4. Toby Keith


Challenger's Cache

Made by ScarClaw72 on 09/21/2020. A high stakes version of the previous chests,
involving a dozen different hints that all must be acquired in order to unlock this behemoth of a puzzle.

Hidden under the Spawn Salami.



  1. Where Murderers Are Kept
  2. James' First Appearance
  3. The Single Most Griefed Place of 2018
  4. Hell On Earth


  1. Mesa No Like Cities Annie
  2. On The Flipside
  3. Home in the Big Boomtown
  4. Thunder Isn't Pointless


  1. Dormant Dangers of a Russian Border
  2. Racism Exemplar
  3. A Hall of Colorful Chaos
  4. Land of the Crippled Sun


  • None Yet :)