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MinecraftOnline used various plugins to expand the functionality of the Canary mod system in use on the server.

This page is intended as a reference list, primarily for administrative purposes.

In current use

These are plugins that are loaded at startup on each server run, and specified in


Bespoke to MinecraftOnline, based on a classic hmod plugin, first used in November 2010. Alerts moderators whenever a player breaks man-made blocks, or places certain grief-related blocks. Logs the locations of the affected block, location of player's feet, and sign placements. It is capable of preventing block breakage and placement, either generally or selectively in just the nether or aether. It also provides the basic teleport framework adapted to many other commands using the exec system, originally used to /gcheck (although that is now handled by one such exec script, with more advanced functionality).

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry, 14mRh4X0r
  • Version: v18-custom for MinecraftOnline by BastetFurry and 14mRh4X0r
  • Plugin filename: GriefAlert.jar
  • Version filename: GriefAlert.jar.MCOv18
  • Files:
    • watchedBlocks.txt - list of blocks to monitor
    • - configuration, largely obsolete
    • griefAlertLogs/* - log files
  • Issue tracker:


A replacement for the ageing and unmaintained WorldGuard. In use on MinecraftOnline since 2013-08-11.
Protects blocks from explosions/fire damage without altering effects on players and mobs, protects blocks from being destroyed by liquids, rebalances damage dealt to players by mobs and fire. Supports per-world/per-dimension configuration.


Bespoke to MinecraftOnline, based on the original hmod plugin by sk89q. Provides admin-specific world-editing capabilities (see WorldEdit), and also donor-specific fast travel commands such as /jumpto etc, and their cooldowns.

  • Current maintainer: Lothendal, 14mRh4X0r
  • Version: MCOv7.0.4 - 4.8 Snapshot
  • Plugin filename: WorldEdit.jar
  • Version filename: WorldEdit.jar.MCOv7_04
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • worldedit.log* - separated log files (also logs to main server log)
    • schematics/* - saved schematics files (parts of the world that can be saved and loaded)
  • Issue tracker:


Bespoke to MinecraftOnline, based on the original hmod plugin. Allows a player to /heal himself, and heal others with the appropriate permission. Also allows replenishment of the health bar with /feed, and the same for others with the appropriate permission.

  • Current maintainer: none active
  • Version: MCOv1.9
  • Plugin filename: Heal
  • Version filename: Heal.jar.MCOv1_9
  • Files:
    • - configuration
  • Issue tracker:


Based on the original hmod plugin. Provides remote click-targeted world editing (see VoxelSniper for more info).

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry
  • Version: 3.3 (still reports as 3.2_1).
  • Plugin filename: VoxelSniper.jar
  • Version filename: VoxelSniper.jar.3_3
  • Files: none
  • Issue tracker: not yet available


Bespoke version for MCO, originally written by Vandolis partly to specification by SlowRiot and tested in association with MCO, later upgraded to be multi-group aware by Drathus42. Provides an interface to generate actions based on in-game events, such as login, logout and player death. Provides functionality for the scripts, death and pvp logging, etc.

  • Current maintainer: 14mRh4X0r
  • Version: MCOV2.1 (v1.1.6b)
  • Plugin filename: CommandOn.jar
  • Version filename: CommandOn.jar.MCOv2_1
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • CommandOn.txt - definition of events to watch for and actions to take
    • CommandOnPlayers.txt - ignore definitions file (not used)
    • CommandOnPlayers.txt.stevepolice - backup version of CommandOn providing definitions for the now obsolete Steve Police
  • Issue tracker:


Craftbook Extra is M4411K4's extended fork of the original sk89q hmod plugin, with many features developed in association with MCO or specified by admin request. Provides all the functionality of CraftBook 2.0, and the railway systems (i.e. Freedonia Railway System). Since 1.2.5, Drathus entered the development team, and some builds have become MCO-specific. Drathus left in July 2012. In January 2013 14mRh4X0r and nosefish joined the CraftBook-Extra development team.

  • Current maintainer: Avaith (M4411K4), 14mRh4X0r, and nosefish
  • Version: 19.2 MCO nightly build 3a2803c
  • Plugin filename: CraftBook.jar
  • Version filename: CraftBook.jar.19.2-mco-3a2803c
  • Config files:
    • - configuration
    • craftbook-books.txt - definition file listing one-line bookshelf right-click lines (not to be confused with cbbooks)
    • cbmusic/* - craftbook music files repository, midi files for radio ICs and station playlists
    • cbbooks/* - craftbook book files repository, player-written and imported
    • cb-cartcraft-recipes.txt - minecart crafting recipe definitions
    • world/craftbook/warps.txt - cbwarps definitions file (used by Project Anubis)
    • world/craftbook/mcx121.txt - MCX121 password command definitions
    • world/craftbook/perlstone32_v1 - binary file containing custom perlstone definitions
    • world/craftbook/areas/* - craftbook toggleable area definitions, by player namespace
  • Issue tracker:


Provides the functionality of preventing egress from the Freedonia Border.

  • Current maintainer: none
  • Version: 2.50
  • Plugin filename: BorderLands.jar
  • Version filename: BorderLands.jar.2_50
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • borders.txt - definitions of border names, centre locations and sizes
  • Issue tracker:


MCO-specific version forked from "1.51 for crow 1.2.7" (where the numbering scheme refers to the minecraft Beta version). Provides chest locking with the /lwc command. For more info, see LWC. Modified to handle multiple groups and not throw errors on non-chest containers.

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry
  • Version: MCOv1.4
  • Plugin filename: LWC.jar
  • Version filename: LWC.jar.MCOv1_4
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • lwc.db - sqlite database storing all chest lock data, as well as group limits on chest lock numbers.
    • lwc.db.bak - manual backup, refreshed occasionally in case of total catastrophe
  • Issue tracker:


Bespoke plugin written from scratch for MCO, to specification. The framework for all exec scripts, permits execution of external scripts and binaries using dynamically bound in-game commands, allowing those scripts to be passed cgi-style variables from in-game. For full usage, see the exec wiki page.

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry
  • Version: 0.7.2 hotfix
  • Plugin filename: exec.jar
  • Version filename: exec.jar_0.7.2_hotfix
  • Files:
    • exec.conf - definition of commands, scripts to call, and variables to pass.
    • exec_* - scripts called by exec
  • Issue tracker:


Bespoke plugin written from scratch for MCO and bastetfurry's private projects. Provides various console commands and functionality, such as ban lightning, admin /wrathofthunder command.


Bespoke plugin written from scratch for MCO and bastetfurry's private projects. Provides sign-shop functionality. For more info see LionsShop.


Bespoke plugin written from scratch for MCO and bastetfurry's private projects. Provides in-game casino functionality.


Bespoke plugin written from scratch for MCO and bastetfurry's private projects. Enables custom crafting recipes and smelting recipes. At the time of writing, crafting recipes have not fully been implemented, but smelting works as expected (and is used to smelt snow into ice and brick into netherbrick).

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry and nosefish
  • Version: 0.0.1-nosefish-1
  • Plugin filename: lionsCrafting.jar
  • Version filename: lionsCrafting.jar.0_0_1-nosefish-1
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • lionsCraftingCraftingRecipes.txt - crafting recipes definitions (not currently used)
    • lionsCraftingFurnaceRecipes.txt - smelting recipes definitions
  • Issue tracker:


Bespoke to MCO, introduced for the 1.2.3 update. Prevents anyone building, breaking blocks, or using buckets higher than y=128 if they do not have the relevant permission. Permission is granted based on minimum hours online, minimum reputation or minimum donation level - however, that is all extraneous to the scope of the plugin itself, which only checks the permission flag.

  • Current maintainer: Drathus42
  • Version: MCOv1.3
  • Plugin filename: BuildRestriction.jar
  • Version filename: BuildRestriction.jar.MCOv1_3
  • Files:
    • freedonia/playerdata/canbuildover128-playername.txt - contains the word "true" if playername may build over y=128
  • Issue tracker:


A successor to the cuboid plugin, providing similar functionality with considerably increased efficiency, due to its use of a database backend. Features a pluggable and scriptable control interface which leverages the power of the exec framework and worldedit integration, separating this plugin's implementation entirely from the interface, and allowing multiple expandable interfaces. The plugin can restrict access to zones based on usernames and groups, as well as restricting activities such as pvp and mob spawning within those areas.

  • Current maintainer: bastetfurry
  • Version: 0.4.11
  • Plugin filename: lionsArea.jar
  • Version filename: lionsArea.jar.0.4.11
  • Files:
    • - configuration file specifying database and credentials
    • - interface script for in-game /area command
    • - script for staff and other scripts to find areas inside given coordinates.
  • Issue tracker:


Nerfs XP drops from spawner breakage, to allow mob spawners to be picked up without giving an opportunity for harvesting XP.


Provides the basic back-end for the Player Heads gathering system which is built on the exec framework. This plugin simply gives a head of a specified player to the player it is called as, with no further checks.


Provides back-end functionality for various scriptable potion control systems. Accepts console commands for applying effects on target players with specified power and duration, including effects beyond ordinary potion limits.


Prevents chest carts from passing through nether portals, in order to address a vanilla item duplication bug.

In Development

These are plugins that are currently in development and will be deployed once completed and tested.

  • none at present


These are plugins that have at one point or another been used on the server, and are no longer. They are mostly maintained in the archives under plugins/old.


Bespoke to MinecraftOnline, based on the original hmod plugin by sk89q. Overrides default vanilla behaviour for various block updates and player-affecting events. It prevents explosions damaging terrain, fire from spreading, lava from starting fires, water from breaking signs and railways, and players from dropping certain blocks from their inventory.

It has been Superseded by FishyShield and was disabled when its explosion protections broke with the 1.6.2 update in August 2013.

  • Current maintainer: none active
  • Version: MCOv2.8
  • Plugin filename: WorldGuard.jar
  • Version filename: WorldGuard.jar.MCOv2_8
  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • worldguard-blacklist.txt - prevent placement or usage or breakage of certain blocks, currently unused as this functionality is provided by GriefAlert
  • Issue tracker:


Based on the original hmod plugin, later updated by Talmor. Provides selective area protection, control of pvp and monster spawning and damage within cuboid areas, and access control. Used for spawn protection, as well as the Sauna, and Room 101. Has since been obsoleted by LionsArea, and was disabled entirely in March 2013.

  • Current maintainer: none
  • Version: MCOv20.1
  • Plugin filename: CuboidPlugin.jar
  • Version filename: CuboidPlugin.jar.MCOv20_1
  • Files:
    • - config
    • cuboids/* - cuboid area definitions (some obsolete files here from previous save formats)
  • Issue tracker:


Plugin to prevent excessive xp orb drop spam. Made obsolete by the 1.9 experience fix.


Plugin to reload chunks that failed to load nearby, causing "world holes". Made obsolete with the fix in 1.0.


A hmod plugin to allow voting for daytime; did not retain compatibility with canary from hmod, and was replaced with the /goodnight exec command.


A plugin to allow items to be dropped when leaves (and logs) are broken. Obsolete due to CraftBook Extra providing apple drop functionality, and finally from 1.1 Notch's server providing that functionality in vanilla.

  • Files:
    • - configuration
    • leafDropperItems.txt - definition of items to drop from leaves and probabilities


Never implemented plugin to allow admins to disguise themselves as mobs.

  • Files:
    • MD.txt - configuration


Tested but never implemented plugin to allow parts of the world to be made into aircraft and moved around. Was judged far too clumsy to be used.


Another plugin to prevent excessive xp orb drop spam. Made obsolete by the 1.9 experience fix.


Plugin to create interactive fake player characters. Abandoned due to being excessively buggy and causing excess lag.


Plugin to prevent multiple logins by the same user, back when that was still possible in 2010. Later made obsolete by the WorldGuard feature to achieve the same thing, and then by Notch finally fixing that bug.


Tested but never deployed plugin to allow long-distance teleportation to unloaded chunks, for Project Anubis (Craftbook warps did not allow warping to unloaded chunks). Instead replaced by the fulfilled cbwarps design request.


Unused plugin to allow admins to make themselves invisible.


Abandoned plugin to lock a player in place and spam a warning at them until they type a command to acknowledge it. No longer used as it was considered excessively heavy-handed. Now replaced by Room 101.