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User jriver_15

Imperial Soldier

Known as jriver, jriv, river, Captain River, Militia, etc. mix and match for endless fun!
Gender Male
Location Florida
Nationality Bedroccan Finnish
DOB -01-
Occupation O Y S T E R S & C L A M S
In Freedonia
First joined 20th March 2020
First building Humble Colonist Cottage
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donor
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jriver is a semi-regular on the server, a devout Bedrocco Empire loyalist, and a fanatic about organizational structure on MCO. His major seats of power are as the Vice-Mayor of Socorro and as Captain of the Humble Colony. He also owns a 32.5% Ownership of Finland, whatever that means. It's especially weird since now he actually owns the town outright! Weird...

For tax purposes, the chronology of jriver's time on the server will be documented along with the assets held in his Humble Estate:

Chronological Audit

Console & Anarchy Past

On his birthday in January, jriver was bribed to buy and play Minecraft Java edition, as previously he only played on the OG PS4 edition. Due to the popularity of FitMC at the time, the newbie java player decided the best use of his new access to online servers was to play on 2b2t using a vanilla client. After building a house and then dying, he raged quit and started playing on the SalC1 server, in which he built a base, died, and also raged quit.

Finding MCO

Looking for something different, jriver wracked his brain for any memory of survival servers. He remembered one server that was featured by a YouTuber (confirmed not Fit, but someone else not remembered) in a video he watched a while back (perhaps over a year ago). The big things he remembered about it was that you spawned in a pond and it was the oldest server on Minecraft. He went to google with this information and came back with the IP and the version 1.7.1. So he booted it up, joined the server, read the rules, and took the tour. While on the tour, he was interested in the Vizima area, so after he ended the tour and looked around spawn for a bit, he warped to the city. Eventually, he found the nether portal there and took the route leading out that looked the most hospitable. While traveling in this nether tunnel, jriver had doubts on whether his audio was working or not. He then got the brilliant idea to break a torch in the tunnel to see if it made a sound and then place it back. This, in turn, led him into the firey cage of Eclypto18's Room 101, a moderator at the time, who rightfully logchecked jriver. Jriver explained his sad excuse, and Eclypto let him off with a warning. Every time jriver logs in to the server, he is reminded of his warning and this story of his first day.

Humble Homesteading

After the interrogation, jriver continued on his journey through the nether tunnel and resurfaced at the portal in Haven. He harvested some wheat to prevent starvation and crossed a river to a birch island. He trekked to the highest hill on that island and decided that would be where he built his first house. After asking Eclypto if the spot was ok, the mod tped and said jriver found a nice spot, so the new player got to work. Almost immediately, jriver realized that the level of block lag on the server was extremely painful to deal with, going through the whole newbie dialogue of complaining and asking why it was so laggy. He perseveres, however, and gets the first floor of his Humble Colonist Cottage, a design he has used in his console world and in 2b2t, finished on his first day.

Bedrocco Induction

Continuing his humble construction diligently into the next day, he was log checked by Beeraeka. Beer complimented jriver on his house and asked the new player if he wanted to be part of the Bedrocco Empire, formed 5 days beforehand. jriver accepted the offer and was named a Baronet. Since that fateful encounter, jriver has been devoutly loyal to Bedrocco and has refused to let the Empire die.

Humble Estate Audit

This audit documents all builds jriver has full ownership to, builds he has help to built and has has perms to (including houses built in towns) of, shops that he owns, and his collection of precious materials.

Fully Controlled Builds

  • Humble Colonist Cottage: His first build on the server and primary residence. It is a two story house that has birch walls and a stone block roof. It contains a ring of his own rep cookies and the heads of several players as well as three jukeboxes and a triple size bed.
  • BrickwareHOUSE in Humble Harbour, Humble Colony. Contains a few dual autosmelters (smaller than the one in Socorro, but he is still proud of it).
  • jriver_15's Expansionary Cottage Outpost. Built while on a journey between Beerstown and Beerstown 3. Cobble with a steep dark oak roof. Dated June 15th, 2020. Coords -12033 91 13817.
  • Border Swamp Shack. A 3x3 oak shack in a June 2020 expansion swamp by the world border. Coords: -13581 73 16701.
  • jriver_15's Hole o' sus. A suspicious hole filled with hourly oddities near a train station. Dated February 14th, 2021. Coords: -3479 72 18778

Settlement Operation Role

jriver functions as the:

  • Vice - Mayor of Socorro (full perms besides museum and other limitations)

Municipal/Cooperative Builds

These are builds and houses that jriver has built in other's towns with their permission that he and the township have perms to:

  • Jriver_10's Humble Sardinian Plot in the Beuk Sirdena district of Takadokia. Has a compressed version of the colonist cottage and a birch tree. (needs windows) Coords: -4890 64 8998.
  • jriver_15's Humble Neighboring Peaks Inn and Tavern in Sand Island (WIP). Coords: 1653 97 1337
  • Western House in Socorro. Coords: -6063 64 -13132.
  • Sugarcane Farm in Socorro. Fully automatic and large scale, uses ice waterways.
  • IconPippi's house in Socorro. Built by jriver and is better than his own. Two-story dark-oak/spruce western house. Coords: -6095 64 -13068.
  • BrickwareHOUSE in Socorro. Contains a semi-automatic 64 furnace array running on minecart distribution. Coords: -6109 64 -13060.
  • jriver_15's Humble Kanal Town Colontist Cottage. A variant of his first house's style with wool uppers walls and a steeper birch roof. (Needs windows finished and maybe could be furnished) Dated May 5th, 2020. Coords: -9167 67 1565.
  • Patrick Stewart Tower in Beerstown. A cobble-based tower with 4 overhanding cottages and an elaborate roof. Built for apartments. Dated June (11+x)th, 2020 where x < 9. Coords: -13611 78 13504.
  • Douglas MacArthur Tower in Beerstown. Built upper portion to mimic tower across the bay made by eilidh23. Coords: -13683 64 13483.
  • The Wall at Beerstown 3 was built by jriver, LordOfTheShadows, and Beereaka. Coords: -12953 69 14647.
  • Border Cave was built by jriver and you must grief to bust in, will you take the risk? Dated August 22nd 2020. Coords: -13988 63 14747.
  • Plot and house in High Hill district of Newport. Coords: -10949 81 18867.
  • jriver_15's Epic 3x3 House in Emberrest. Dated December 31st, 2020. Coords: -4768 81 5336.
  • Tower Residence in the Republic of Verico
  • jriver_15's Lake Callian Home in those epic preloaded chunks. He is really proud of how this one looks, especially since it was freehand and made pretty much on a whim with what he had. Finished Christmas 2022. Coords: -15129 63 -4557.