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This page will be used for documenting all of August 4th 2020's events. I'm creating this now but I'll start work later as I'm currently Preoccupied. For now, feel free to timestamp any events, images and video links!
I'll start putting it all together once I'm able! - Raflamar

Events A Decade of MCO

A Picture of Spawn on August 4th

Creator Unknown
Participants Everyone
Start Date 04 August 2020
End Date 04 August 2020
Location Freedonia
Public? Yes


Celebrating MCO's 10th birthday, which was brought to you by the people.

Video Links Raflamar's Video: ScarClaw72's Video:

Timeline winx51's Pilgrimage. ScarClaw72's Announcements for the Building Competition and Bidding.

Winx51 Minigames - Break the Obsidian and Obsidian Spleef.

Capture the Flag.

MCO Awards.

Official Events

ScarClaw's Announcements

Capture the Flag

A list of players who played at the Capture the Flag Event in New Eden by yours truly, bucketsofwasps:

The Blue Team Aziroeth IconPippi MrMcBricks Leah_Starcraft Vecxin NevadaDream Pretzel33 Tyhdefu Drdrs76 r9q Mr_Fudgy EastDakota

The Red Team 1Catnip Avanlance BryBer Unkle_Genny Freskooo jriver_15 KingServal verydairyman stecklyashka Freshaffogato Otis_Wong Water13_

Winning Team: The Red Team

MCO Awards

A list that was collected up by yours truly, bucketsofwasps:

• Most Memorable Banned Player - dethshok (Represented by AlphaAlex115)
• Best Moderator Award - Void42_
• Best Admin Award - Krenath
• Best Builder Award - Eclypto18
• Redstone/Craftbook Wizard - Anna_28
• Trent - Option_4
• Meanest Player - 0_02 (Represented by AlphaAlex115)
• Funniest Player - 1Catnip
• Most Helpful Player - Anna_28
• Ms. Freedonia - Anna_28
• Most Obnoxious Player - RunRun_5
• Mr. Freedonia - WaffleNomster
• Best Personality - TheDemetri
• Nicest Player - helpimdeadinside
• Most Likely to Screw Something Up - Ted1246
• Best Player Group - The Crusaders (Represented by Raflamar)
• Ugly Duckling Award - snakyman
• Best Server Event - April Fools 2020 (Represented by Akuroi)
• Best City/Town Award - New Eden (Represented by Eclypto18)
• Riot - SlowRiot
• Most Missed Player - FlyingJellyfish

Unofficial Events

Obsidian Spleef
2020-08-04 Obsidian Grief.png


Capture the Flag

Blue Team waiting for the CTF.
2020-08-04 19.56.31.png

The Playercount during the Event
2020-08-04 10th Anniversary Playercount.png

Blue Team after CTF.
Blue win.png

Red Team after CTF.

Fishing Party at Spawn after the Capture the Flag event

2020-08-04 22.17.03.jpg

That one moment during the MCO 10th Anniversary Awards

10th Award Funny Moment.png

Spawn Screenie with a big group of people

Screenie with everyone.png


If you want to contribute anything to the page, add it here! - Raflamar