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This article is about the road network built by tindwcel, collectively known as "Route 101". For information about the roads designated as Freedonia Highway Route 101.

green_infrastructure.png Route 101

Route Shield created by BillionPenny483

Owner tindwcel
Contributors thesprazzzler Flamehaze97
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 2011
Completed Work in Progress, always being updated.
Coordinates X=-143
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Route 101 is a historical infrastructure project built by tindwcel starting in 2011. The project consists of roads connecting the north, south and east reaches of Freedonia. The roads have a distinctive style, being two blocks of cobble bordered by birch wood, and lined with torches. The road features many different styles of bridges, tunnels and viaducts, all built to a high standard of quality.

Route 101 near Spawn/Screenshot taken by tindwcel

Map of Route 101 Project

Map of Route 101 (by Flamehaze97)

Route 101 North

Main Article: Freedonia Highway Route 101

The Northern road runs from Forest Valley to New Haven and eventually links up with the road system to North Of Nowhere

The road connects to:

If a destination is in (brackets), it can be reached by following another road off of Route 101.

N4 [101] [Hillvalley Road] - Route 101 Northern Road
# Location Rt. No. Road Name Destinations Notes
1 North Spawn Spawn Orbital Residaemian (West)

Batugus (South)

Spawn City Central (South)

South terminus of route N4
2 North Spawn Pokethedral, Soulvale (East) Soulvale via N263
3 Epicaria Epicaria Road Epicaria Castle (South)
4 Hillvalley Epicaria Road Epicaria Castle (South), HillValley (North)
5 Hillvalley HillValley (East)
6 Dupliss Dupliss Road Dupliss (West)
7 Mt. Jackal Nexus Loop Outer Georgetown, Tenrou (West)

Woodville, Lava Town (East)

North terminus of route N4
NewHaven Road Mount Jackal, East Austania, NewHaven (North)
N20 [101] [NewHaven Road] - Route 101 Northern Road
# Location Rt. No. Road Name Destinations Notes
1 Mt. Jackal Nexus Loop Outer Georgetown, Tenrou (West)

Woodville, Lava Town (East)

South terminus of route N20
HillValley Road HillValley, Spawn (South)
2 Mt. Jackal Mt. Jackal Road Mount Jackal (East) N20 continues turning west
3 Epicville Epicville Road EpicVille, Avium Isles (West) N20 continues turning north
4 Epicville Epicville Road EpicVille, Avium Isles (South)
5 Melouthous Melouthous (South)
6 East Austania East Austania (West) N20 continues north
8 East Austania Austania Nova Road EastAustania (Southwest)

Austania Nova (Northeast)

9 East Austania Austania Nova (East)
10 Fort Weasel San Freedonia Road San Freedonia (East)
11 Waterboy Mining Co. Waterboy Road Waterboy0048 Mining Co. (Southwest)

NewHaven (Northeast)

12 NewHaven NewHaven FRS station
Oriental Highway Spawn, North Of Nowhere via lift up near FRS station
13 NewHaven San Freedonia Road San Freedonia (South) North terminus of route N20
NewHaven-NON Road North Of Nowhere (North)

Rizual Avenue

This is a short road in the northwest of spawn. Named after one of the server's first Moderators, Rizual.

Connects to:

  • Glow's Pyramid
  • (Spawn Central) via West Spawn Walk south
  • Spawn Orbital north and south
  • ↓ (Clubhouse) via Clubhouse Road west
W49 [North Spawn Road] - Route 101 Western Road
# Location Rt. No. Road Name Destinations Notes
1 North Spawn Glow's Pyramid (North) North terminus of route
2 North Spawn C813.png West Spawn Walk Nexus NE (South)

Spawn City Central (South)

3 West Spawn Spawn Orbital CatVille (South)

Pokethedral (North)

Forest Valley (South)

4 West Spawn Clubhouse Highway North Spawn (East)

Clubhouse (West)

Underworld (West)

South terminus of route

Eastern Highway

Main Article: Freedonia Highway Route 6

This is the eastern portion of Route 101. It has the number for its entire length, and between Lavatown and Nexus East 1.

Along its entire length, the road is named "Eastern Highway". It also has the unsigned designation of "Route 101 East".

Connects to (from west to east):

Eastern Hwy - Route 101 Eastern Road
# Location Rt. No. Road Name Destinations Notes
1 East Spawn
Spawn Orbital Pokethedral, Spawn Central (West), CatVille (South) West terminus of route
2 Forest Valley
North Forest Valley Road (North)

Forest Valley Road (South)

North Forest Valley (North), Batugus (North)
3 Forest Valley E25 Forest Valley-New Atlanta Road North Forest Valley (North), New Atlanta (North)
4 Forest Valley
Forest Valley Road (South) South Forest Valley (South)
5 New Atlanta Main Street New Atlanta
6 New Atlanta
Gotham City Road Gotham City (South), New Atlanta Central (North)
7 New Atlanta Arecibo Road Arecibo (East)
8 Lavatown
Lavatown Highway (West) Xenotopia (via stairs up), Spawn (via stairs up)

Lavatown Central (East)

Route begins sharing designation with .
9 Lavatown Lavatown Central
10 Lavatown Shypixel Farms Road Shypixel Farms
11 Lavatown
Caverns Road Caverns (South)
12 Lavatown
Highway 18 Caverns (South), JannerVille (South)
13 Nexus East 1
Nexus Loop Outer

Lavatown Highway

JannerVille Road

Woodville (North), Townetria (South)



East terminus of route.

LT continues south along NLO and then further east.

Route 101 South

Main article: Freedonia Highway Route 101

This road connects Spawn to the southern regions of Freedonia.

Major connections (from north to south) include:

S9 [101] South - Route 101 Southern Road
# Location Rt. No. Road Name Destinations Notes
1 South Spawn Spawn Orbital Spawn Central (West), Forest Valley (East) North terminus of route
2 South Spawn CatVille Road CatVille (East)
3 DrumCity S10 Hellstar Road Dial Republic (North)
4 DrumCity S101 DrumCity Road DrumCity (North)
6 South of DrumCity Nexus Loop Inner Spawn (West), Orville (East)
7 Dubstep Plaza

DrumCity Road

Cliffton Road

DubstepPlaza, DrumCity (South)

Spawn (East)

S9/101 turns and continues southeast (signs show the way)
8 North Glenfiddich Nexus Loop Inner Spawn (North), Glenfiddich, Oakland (South)
9 Glenfiddich Glenfiddich Central (East) S9/101 turns and continues south
10 South Glenfiddich Valencia Road Valencia (Southwest)
11 South Glenfiddich Autumnwood Road CosmicCity, Autumnwood (West)
12 Xandronia Forestberg Road Forestberg (East)
13 Xandronia Xandronia Road Xandronia (West)
14 North New Wood Occidental Highway Spawn (North), Golden Junction (South) Via ramp
15 New Wood New Wood Downtown various ramps from S9/101
16 South New Wood S18 East Jibtopia Highway Emberrest (West)
17 Garlicburgh GarlicBurgh
18 Tin Town Nexus Loop Outer Nexus South 1 (West), Southgun (East)
19 Tin Town Tin Town various local streets in Tin Town
20 Fort Price Fort Price
21 Westwood Occidental Connector Westwood, Spawn (East)
22 Westwood Great Vera Highway Neo Tokyo, Dragon River Peak City (South)
23 S921 SE Southgun Road Southgun (Northwest)
24 S182 Southgun Highway Southgun, Nexus South 2 (North)
25 S92 Fitzherbertstan Road Fitzherbertstan (North)
26 Verico Ryujin Castle Road Ryujin Castle (North)
27 Acacia Roads Pallet Town Highway Pallet Town, New Louisville (South)
28 Acacia Roads Verico-New Eden Road Verico (North), Acacia Roads, New Eden (Southwest) New Eden extension of S96 is in planning.
29 Acacia Roads Takadokia Highway Takadokia (North)
30 Acacia Roads Verico-New Eden Road Verico (East), Acacia Roads, Charlietown (West)
31 Acacia Roads Al Sanara Road Al Sanara, Pallet Town (West)
32 Southern Outpost Pallet Town-Southern Outpost Road Pallet Town (East), Southern Outpost (West)
33 Southern Outpost Al'Un Road Al'un Village, Ponn (East), Southern Outpost (West)
34 Southern Outpost HyperRoute 15 Drocata Swamp, Barrow (West)
36 NH City Birchmire Highway New Louisville (West)
37 NH City NHCity
38 NH City Verua Highway Verua (West)
39 NH City Mesa Biome Soundstage (East)
40 Flowerland Flowerland Road Flowerland, Hobbit Farm (East)
41 S51 South Hub Highway FRS South Hub (West)
42 Barrow region S912 South Seas Road South Seas Company (South)
43 Barrow region HyperRoute 15 Barrow (West)
44 Barrow region S912 South Seas Road South Seas Company (West)
45 Vera Vera End of S9 / Route 101 South

Spawn Orbital

Main article: Spawn Orbital

Spawn Orbital is a loop road that connects the main branches of the Pan-Freedonia Highway Network, around the suburbs of Spawn.

Between Pokethedral and Catville, the road carries Freedonia Highway Route .

Clockwise from Pokethedral:

Old Route 101

See Old Route 101 for more information