Route 101

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green_infrastructure.png Route 101

Route Shield created by BillionPenny483

Owner tindwcel
Contributors thesprazzzler Flamehaze97
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 2011
Completed Work in Progress, always being updated.
Coordinates X=-143
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Route 101 is a very historical infrastructure build built by tindwcel starting in 2011. The road consists of different versions of Route 101 going in every direction, west being the shortest road. There a few spur roads including the longest one being Old Route 101, also known as Project Orion or Orion Hwy. And of course Route 101 consists of the Spawn Orbital Road that loops around Spawn.

LeftRoute 101 near Spawn/Screenshot taken by tindwcel

Left Map of Route 101

Northern Road

The Northern road runs from Forest Valley to New Haven and eventually links up with the road system to North Of Nowhere

Western Road

Short road running from Spawn's Western Wall to Nexus Loop Inner

Eastern Road

The Eastern Road runs from Spawn to Lavatown

Southern Road

The Southern Road runs from Spawn all the way to the Southern World Border, Vera, and Flamehaze97's Great Vera Highway.

Pilgrams Road

Route 101 and Interstate 69


Spawn Orbital

Spawn Orbital is a loop road that loops around Spawn and it's major suburban towns and historical builds.


Old Route 101

See Old Route 101 for more information