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User SenatorApple

Roman Senator

Known as Apple
Gender Male
Location France
Nationality French
DOB 2001-03-12
Occupation University Student
In Freedonia
First joined 10 September 2020
First building His old (first) house
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
View profile and statistics SenatorApple is an McO player and Staff member who joined on September 10, 2020, he currently has a reputation of 60 (+74, -14) (Needs to be updated, messy due to name changes).

Nowadays less active in-game due to poor internet when he's not in uni, he still tries to come around whenever he can, and is often on Discord, talking with regulars about anything that's being talked about. While he is less active in-game, he still tries to be up to date with what happens in-game and likes to interact with players.

He works on so many projects at once that none ever really are completed as a new one comes around every so often, taking his attention away from unfinished, older projects, one day he swears to finish them all.

A little note from Spektra: Hallo! :D

What you can do if you meet him

- Have a conversation ! He loves to talk about anything and everything, and is very friendly.

- Chill together, he can often be found in Voice chat in the discord.


- People being nice to each other.

- Fun/Chill people.

- People who follow the rules.

- Working in his town, Montegaux.

- Helping others.

- Exploring the server.

- Randomly asking the in-game how they are doing, telling them to take care of themselves. <3

- To annoy 1Catnip and ibxtoydog.


- Rude people.

- People telling new players to /warp sauna.

- Griefers.

- University.

Moderator life

I was promoted to moderator on October 24th 2020 by jimmyd93, a lot of people qualified the speed at which I became a mod (pretty much a month and a half after first joining the server) of a Speedrun to mod. I didn't see the promotion coming so soon, I thought I had some chances at being promoted at some point, but not so soon, but despite this I would say I am doing a good job, I do try to do my best for the server, even though a lot of that is behind the scenes of in-game.

I have now been a Moderator for 7 months, over this time period I have gained confidence in what I do and I would not leave my Moderator role for anything, helping the server in all sorts of different ways is a great feeling, and I hope to keep being a part of the Staff team, keep helping players, and keep the server safe for much longer!

Projects I have contributed to (And currently am contributing to)

Mayor of Charlietown, town that welcomed me when I first joined.

A floor in a recent skyscraper in Newport as well as another floor serving as museum.

A Town I am Founder of along with 1Catnip, Montegaux. [Nexus Light Blue 1]

The Eiffel Tower near Spawn, near Batugus.

Fun useless information about me

- Can to some extent speak and sing in Latin and Old French.

- If I annoy you, I like you, you're my friend now.

- I constantly want to drop out of uni .

Funny names I've been called before

"Apfelkopf" by snthy.

"appol" by 1Catnip and tyhdefu.

"Blueberry" by MrSlimeDiamond.

"Appleman" by runarlogi.

"Applie" by ibxtoydog.

"Applesenator" by Vecxin.

"Doctor Repellent" by Leah_Starcraft and Spektra02 (An apple away keeps the doctor away as they say).

There isn't anything more on this page for now, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to message me on discord =)