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User SenatorApple

Roman Senator

Known as Apple
Gender Male
Location France
Nationality French
DOB 2001-03-12
Occupation University Student
In Freedonia
First joined 10 September 2020
First building His house in Charlietown
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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< Darkerfly> even though you keep changing your name, you will forever be the apple head in my heart.

Early days

A gif of SenatorApple's skin, made by Moderator Bawest

SenatorApple's tale on MinecraftOnline begun on September 10, 2020, when, in the early afternoon, he stepped upon Freedonia for the very first time!

He read the rules as all new player should do, and tried to be careful not to break them! After accidentally addition griefing and reporting it in chat, he had his very first interaction with a Staff member at the time, Moderator Vecxzin, who thanked him for the honesty, and let him go free of consequences.

After exploring the new lands of this server for a bit, he encountered his first friend on Freedonia, a player named RobotReaction, who warmly welcomed SenatorApple on the server, and proposed he joins the town he lives in, Charlietown.

Charlietown Revival

After accepting the offer, SenatorApple built his very first house on the server, little did they know this would start the revival of this 2014 town, as the pair started actively expanding and improving the town.

Some time later, when still working on the town, Moderator 1Catnip hears of Charlietown and decides to give it a visit, and even join efforts, building in town as well.

The town grew a lot in the spawn of a few months, expanding on all sides and welcoming new players as SenatorApple once was.

Promotion to Moderator

SenatorApple was promoted to Moderator on October 24th 2020, a month and a half after first joining, some would qualify it as a very quick promotion, it was a surprise for a few, but a welcomed one for him !

As of today, it has almost been a year since SenatorApple's promotion.


After a while, SenatorApple had become very close friends with 1Catnip, one night while in Discord voice chat together, SenatorApple mentions the desire to create his own town, but is still unsure as to wether or not it is a realistic idea. 1Catnip proposes that the two could create said town together, after just a bit of convincing, SenatorApple was in.

The name of the town was something that came quite late, after creation of the town had already begun. Montegaux stayed sort of a secret for most of its early days.

Montegaux was made fully public when it got a Nexus link, on February 23rd, 2021.

As of now, the town is doing good, and both Founders are quite proud of their work, more is to come!


Nowadays, SenatorApple logs on still from time to time, likes to hang out with friends, help new players and do Moderator duties. He tried to be as involved as he can in Staff responsbilities, and enjoys keeping MinecraftOnline a safe place.

Anything else?

Well, you still have questions, adventurer? If so, SenatorApple is very easy to get in touch with, and he shall answer any remaining questions you may have about his person!

Take some deserved rest, after reading about his ongoing tale, go on and create your own!