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green_infrastructure.png Skyroads
Owner shypixel
Contributors chivalrousWeasel, Krenath, Blobehh, Jmancino2, Lothendal, healthyuncle, AJStratton, SlowRiot, thesprazzzler, theschlozmeister, 14mRh4X0r, gricer1326, Alkarius_Endgame, LewisD95 and Many More!
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started June 2011
Completed Constantly being expanded
Size north to south 36064m
Size west to east 34321m
Coordinates X=-177
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

A large amount of the FRS has walkable paths above the railway. These are known as skyroads and are able to be added onto by the public for signage and path connections, so long as the original structure is left intact. (i.e. adding on is allowed, but not removal of existing blocks)

Northern Skyroads

Oriental Highway


Map of Great Northern Highway Skyroad

North of Nowhere Skyroad

Map of North of Nowhere Skyroad

Western Skyroads

Great Northern Highway


  • This route comprises of several roads in the west of the map, however it is so named because of the railway that it follows: the Great Northern Line.
  • It runs from Spawn to the western border of the map, via the major cities of Underworld and ForbiddenOutpost. It has connections to the Central Nexus, AmpCity, and Obernai, as well as a direct connection to several arterial routes including the Great Northwestern Highway and Nexus Loops Inner and Outer.
Map of Great Northern Highway at night, prior to the expansion of the map

Great Northwestern Highway

Map of Great Northwestern Highway

Eastern Skyroads

LavaTown Highway / Eastern Highway

The main eastern skyroad is known as LavaTown Highway between Spawn and LavaTown. From Nexus Orange 1, it is known as Eastern Highway. Its official route designation is LT.

Map for travellers heading East, demonstrating how to continue east due to the skyroad not continuing through LavaTown.
Map of LavaTown Highway

Southern Skyroads

Occidental Highway


Map of Great Southern Highway (Night)

New Louisville Skyroad

Point to Point Skyroad connecting FRS South Hub with Great Southern Highway

Map of New Louisville Skyroad

Acacia Glade Skyroad

Map of Acacia Glade Skyroad

Takadokia Skyroad

Map of Takadokia Skyroad

Martingrad and New Wood Skyroad

  • Point to Point Skyroad between Great Southern Highway and Green Acres Skyroad or Golums Highway
Map of Martinburg-New Wood Skyroad

Golums Highway

Green Acres Skyroad

Map of Green Acres Skyroad

Ares Highway

Map of Ares Highway

Rose Outpost Skyroad

  • Crowns Landing Skyroad to Crown's Landing
  • Under Construction-Awaiting future connections
Map of Rose Outpost Skyroad

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